Episode #239: Simmering with a Rich Protein Stew

August 19, 2017

This week we have more of the same stuff that we’ve been doling out for years, and that’s a good thing because after all this time our idiosyncrasies are your idiosyncrasies. You’ve been here before, we’re sure of it. NO ONE NEW IS READING THIS but we’re content with you lot, and thanks for listening. Low-flying birds, that’s what we are. We have fun.

(0:00:00) Paul Winter and The Winter Consort — Icarus
(0:03:01) Your DJs Conduct Their Usual Business
(0:06:58) Harumi — First Impressions
(0:10:10) Jurassic 5 — Concrete and Clay (instrumental)
(0:13:45) Fleetwood Mac — Never Going Back Again (live 1977)
(0:16:06) Marvin Gaye — Song Number 3 (instrumental)
(0:21:26) Your DJs Recap
(0:24:34) The Music Factory — Commercial: Dave Van Ronk and The Hudson Dusters (album)
(0:25:34) Dave Van Ronk — One Meat Ball (live in Bloomington, Indiana, 1964)
(0:28:55) Muddy Waters — Country Boy
(0:32:31) Jefferson Airplane — She Has Funny Cars
(0:35:39) TV on the Radio — Heroes
(0:41:16) Your DJs Speak
(0:43:35) The Firesign Theatre — Wall of Science (from I Think We’re All Bozos on This Bus)
(0:50:25) Jennifer Holliday — And I Am Telling You I’m Not Going (from Dreamgirls (Original Broadway Cast) (1982))
(0:54:30) The Verbs — I Saw the Light
(0:57:22) Alabama Shakes — This Feeling
(1:01:51) Your DJs Talk Again Before the Final Set
(1:03:39) The McGuire Sisters — You’re Driving Me Crazy (What Did I Do)
(1:06:04) The Five Satins — To the Aisle
(1:09:03) Chet Atkins — Gonna Get Along Without You Now
(1:11:08) Harold Melvin and The Blue Notes — Where Are All My Friends
(1:14:27) Katy Perry — Daisy Bell (A Bicycle Built for Two)
(1:16:05) Blake Babies — Baby Gets High
(1:20:12) Lauryn Hill — Can’t Take My Eyes Off of You
(1:23:54) Glen Campbell — Galveston
(1:26:40) Carolina Chocolate Drops — Daughter’s Lament
(1:29:25) Your DJs Finish for the Day
(1:34:31) Bobbie Gentry and Glen Campbell — Little Green Apples


Episode #238: You Haven’t Been Around Since Way Last June

August 12, 2017

Our manifesto, unchanged since 2012: play a DJ game, make it up as we go along, music a little music, talk a little talk, and share our idiosyncrasies with friends and strangers until they shut us down or take us away. People of the future will have this to remember us by. Perhaps Madame Curie did more for mankind but we have feelings too. Please download this and listen to it and enjoy it. That’s really not too much to ask.

(0:00:00) Cheech & Chong — Dave
(0:01:22) Your DJs Giggle at Old Humor
(0:04:43) The Beach Boys — With a Little Help from My Friends (live in Hawaii, September 1967)
(0:07:01) Bee Gees — To Love Somebody
(0:10:01) Julie London — Without Him
(0:12:51) Dusty Springfield — Anyone Who Had a Heart
(0:15:44) Your DJs Discuss What You Just Heard and What You Will Now Hear
(0:20:20) Teresa Brewer — Gonna Get Along Without You Now
(0:23:10) The Bell Sisters — Boom Boom My Honey (Gonna Get Along Without You Now)
(0:25:28) Patience and Prudence — Gonna Get Along Without Ya Now
(0:27:23) Skeeter Davis — Gonna Get Along Without Ya Now
(0:29:43) Tracey Day — Gonna Get Along Without You Now
(0:32:04) Your DJs Tell You Once More What You Just Heard
(0:34:14) The Music Factory — Commercial: White Light/White Heat (album)
(0:35:12) Vanessa Paradis — Waiting for the Man
(0:38:37) Birdy and Rhodes — Let It All Go
(0:43:22) Fleetwood Mac — Never Going Back Again (original album version)
(0:45:35) Dawes — Time Spent in Los Angeles
(0:49:07) Your DJs Speak Again
(0:52:46) Cyril Ritchard, Anthony Newley, The Urchins — On a Wonderful Day Like Today (from The Roar of the Greasepaint, the Smell of the Crowd (Original Broadway Cast) (1965))
(0:54:57) Barbra Streisand — Putting It Together (from Sunday in the Park with George)
(0:59:16) Julie Andrews — In My Own Little Corner (from Cinderella)
(1:02:59) Dexter Gordon — Broadway
(1:09:41) Your DJs Enjoyed That Set
(1:14:23) Tiny Tim — Ever Since You Told Me That You Love Me (I'm a Nut)
(1:17:10) Ester Dean and Skylar Astin — Since U Been Gone (from Pitch Perfect (2012))
(1:19:52) The Ames Brothers — Rag Mop
(1:22:29) Allan Sherman — Ratt Fink
(1:24:48) Your DJs Prepare to Leave
(1:28:46) Mort Stevens and His Orchestra — Theme to Hawaii Five-O


Episode #237: It’s the Right Thing to Do

August 6, 2017

We pick ourselves up, dust ourselves off, finish our dirty work, smile, wash our hands, and start all over again with a new episode. It’s like we never left. It’s like a bicycle. Cruise stories, pop tunes, jazz numbers, movie and TV music, electronica, covers, pianos, and everything you were expecting. Expect no more because it’s here! Please download and listen and start those counters ratcheting up. We thank you kindly.

(0:00:00) Royal Caribbean International — Wash Your Hands
(0:01:22) Your DJs Talk About Adventures on the High Seas
(0:10:43) Bo Diddley — Hey! Bo Diddley
(0:12:54) Dionne Warwick — Make the Night a Little Longer
(0:15:17) Gene Pitney — It Hurts to Be in Love
(0:17:49) Herman’s Hermits — There’s a Kind of Hush All Over the World
(0:20:22) Your DJs Can Relate to It
(0:24:44) The Music Factory — Commercial: The Beacon Street Union (album)
(0:25:35) Louis Prima — Beep! Beep!
(0:27:47) Sarah Vaughan — Black Coffee
(0:31:13) Mose Allison — Parchman Farm
(0:34:29) Charlie Parker — Don’t Blame Me
(0:37:14) Your DJs Discuss Those Jazz Numbers
(0:44:35) The Verbs — Till the End of the Day
(0:47:58) Ingrid Michaelson — Everybody
(0:51:25) Kate Bush — Rocket Man (I Think It’s Gonna Be a Long Long Time)
(0:56:23) Haim — Nothing’s Wrong
(0:59:31) Your DJs Agree that Nothing’s Wrong
(1:03:10) Richard Thompson — Gethsemane
(1:08:19) Joanna Wang — Dirty Work
(1:12:24) Kai Winding (Jean-Jacques Perrey, ondioline) — More
(1:14:24) Jay-Z feat. Gloria Carter — Smile
(1:19:15) William Bolcom — My One and Only
(1:20:02) Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers — Pick Yourself Up (from Swing Time (1936))
(1:24:45) Steve Beresford — Couleur Café
(1:27:51) Your DJs Provide a Smooth Bridge to the End
(1:34:06) William Hanna and Joseph Barbera — Opening and Closing Themes to Quick Draw McGraw


Episode #236: We Just Wouldn’t Stay Away

July 29, 2017

July goes out with high temperatures in the morning and a 50% chance of cooling showers in the mid-to-late afternoon. We have no idea what that means. We just want to get your attention and get you to listen. What do we have to do? Look at this list, this is pretty odd, and odd is interesting and beautiful, isn’t it? Well, isn’t it?

You didn’t answer right away. If you had really thought this was interesting and beautiful you would have spoken right up. We know when we’ve been insulted.

(0:00:00) Wood’s Tea Company — The Cat Came Back
(0:04:42) Your DJs Speak of Cats and Birthdays and Other Things
(0:09:30) Iron and Wine — Lion’s Mane
(0:12:18) The Band — Atlantic City
(0:17:32) Gordon Lightfoot — For Lovin’ Me
(0:19:58) The Hold Steady — First Night
(0:24:50) Your DJs Interrupt
(0:27:33) The Music Factory — Commercial: Ultimate Spinach (album)
(0:28:32) The Firesign Theatre — Future Fair/Back from the Shadows Again/I Think We’re All Bozos on This Bus (from I Think We’re All Bozos on This Bus)
(0:34:49) Teddy Pendergrass — Love T. K. O.
(0:39:53) Kramer — Get It On (Bang a Gong)
(0:43:42) Jay-Z — The Story of O. J.
(0:47:34) Your DJs Discuss
(0:53:08) Dave Van Ronk — Garden State Stomp
(0:56:35) Dark Dark Dark — Celebrate
(0:59:51) Verne Langdon — Be a Clown
(1:01:07) The Langley Schools Music Project — Good Vibrations
(1:05:08) The Drifters — I Count the Tears
(1:07:17) Your DJs Speak
(1:10:59) Chris Barber’s Jazz Band (Monty Sunshine, clarinet) — Petite fleur
(1:13:43) Teresa Brewer — The Jazz Me Blues
(1:16:58) The Cowsills — Indian Lake
(1:19:41) Sammy Davis Jr. — Love Is All Around (Theme from The Mary Tyler Moore Show)
(1:22:06) Ray Charles — I’ve Got a Woman
(1:24:59) The Avalanches feat. Danny Brown and MF DOOM — Frankie Sinatra
(1:29:06) Your DJs Wrap It Up
(1:34:49) John Barry — Theme to Midnight Cowboy (1969)


Episode #235: One Podcast to Laugh with, to Joke with, Have Coke With

July 22, 2017

That’s the way it should be. And it will be, as soon as you grab this. We had fun making this even though it was work. But for you it’s no work at all. We share, you take. As it should be. The way it should be. Make it so.

(0:00:00) Steve Allen, Neil Sedaka, Betsy Palmer, Bill Cullen, Bess Myerson, Henry Morgan — Neil Sedaka on “I’ve Got a Secret” (1965-03-15)
(0:07:29) Your DJs Explain
(0:18:59) Jessica Albright, Sharon Lerit, Chita Rivera, Susan Watson — One Boy (from Bye Bye Birdie (Original Broadway Cast) (1960))
(0:21:44) Stray Cats — Rock Around with Ollie Vee (live)
(0:24:05) The Ronettes — Walking in the Rain
(0:27:22) Rocketship — Kisses Are Always Promises
(0:30:09) Your DJs Talk a Little
(0:32:10) Schaefer Beer — Schaefer Is the One Beer to Have (commercial)
(0:33:09) Bongwater — Porpoise Song
(0:37:56) Tom Petty and Stevie Nicks — Needles and Pins (live)
(0:40:40) The Primitives — Shadow
(0:44:09) Jay-Z — Brooklyn’s Finest
(0:48:44) Your DJs Chat About That Music
(0:53:04) Mike Nichols and Elaine May — Adultery (from An Evening with Mike Nichols and Elaine May (1960))
(1:00:51) Haim — Something to Tell You
(1:05:01) Blake Babies — Waiting for Heaven
(1:08:27) Joni Mitchell — Hejira
(1:15:08) The Sundays — A Certain Someone
(1:19:33) Whitney Houston — You Give Good Love
(1:24:08) Your DJs Ring Down Today’s Curtain
(1:28:54) Ramin Djawadi — Main Title Theme to Game of Thrones


Episode #234: You Don’t Have to Be a Mia or Sophia

July 15, 2017

Standards, covers, stories, commercials. Folk, rap, old pop, new pop. Dance, animals, obscurities, walla walla bing bang. Words fail us, obviously. But you’ll get all that and more if you download this episode. We hope you’ll do that. Hope is everything. Hope will keep us together. Whatever.

(0:00:00) The Jethros — Love Will Keep Us Together
(0:03:42) Your DJs Return
(0:11:02) Irving Kaufman — Yes Sir, That’s My Baby
(0:13:42) Barbara Long — When You’re Smiling
(0:16:48) Blossom Dearie — Someone to Watch Over Me
(0:22:46) Kristin Chenoweth — Heart of the Matter
(0:28:14) Your DJs Review
(0:32:17) Guy Klucevsek (David Garland, vocal) — The Blob
(0:35:24) Clarence Reid — Chicken Hawk
(0:38:50) David Seville (Ross Bagdasarian) — Witch Doctor
(0:41:10) Kendrick Lamar — DUCKWORTH.
(0:45:15) Your DJs Describe the Set
(0:50:18) Jad Fair and David Fair — Automatic Bird Feeder
(0:54:19) The Sea The Sea — Fists Full of Flowers
(0:57:01) Lennon Stella and Maisy Stella — Your Best (acoustic version)
(0:59:33) Harry Styles — Carolina
(1:02:41) Your DJs Again
(1:05:48) Ken-L Ration Dog and Puppy Food — My Dog’s Better Than Your Dog (commercial)
(1:06:46) Coralie Clément — Samba de mon cœur qui bat
(1:10:39) GZA — Investigative Reports (instrumental)
(1:15:06) The Gentrys — Keep on Dancing
(1:17:16) Paul Revere and The Raiders — I Had a Dream
(1:19:37) The Monkees — Porpoise Song (instrumental mix)
(1:23:57) The Avalanches feat. Camp Lo — Because I’m Me
(1:28:10) Your DJs Finish
(1:36:12) The Will-O-Bees (Howard Greenfield and Helen Miller, composers) — Theme to The Ugliest Girl in Town


Episode #233: Sedaka Is Back, and He’s Not the Only One

July 8, 2017

This week’s program has songs and stories about meat, hair, French people, and The Man. Why did we stop listing them there? Because that sentence was getting too long. But there is a carload more stuff than just that. Download and hear a mix of many things we’ve never played before and never will again. Listen as much as you want. Come back in a few days and there might even be more.

(0:00:00) Dr. Humphrey Bate and His Possum Hunters — Ham Beats All Meat
(0:02:38) Your DJs Start
(0:09:14) Buddy Holly — Well… All Right
(0:11:27) Brook Benton — Endlessly
(0:13:47) Blossom Dearie — Buckle Down, Winsocki
(0:15:34) Beatrice Kay — French Woman’s Story/Two Jews Become Catholic
(0:18:05) Your DJs Speak
(0:24:17) Mighty Sparrow and Lord Melody — Picong Duel
(0:28:40) Jay-Z — Kill Jay-Z
(0:32:00) Captain and Tennille — Por Amor Viviremos (Love Will Keep Us Together)
(0:35:22) Sammy Davis Jr. — Chico and the Man
(0:37:58) Your DJs Recap and Relate
(0:41:59) Mike Nichols and Elaine May — Hair Hat
(0:44:18) Haim — Little of Your Love
(0:47:51) Steve Anthony — “God Made It - What Is It?” (radio promo)
(0:48:07) The Beach Boys — The Letter (stereo mix, live in Hawaii, Sept. 1967)
(0:50:02) The Allman Brothers Band — The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down
(0:55:05) Your DJs Talk During the Interval
(1:01:12) Queensland Symphony Orchestra, Vladimir Verbitsky (conductor) — Shostakovich: Taiti Trot, Op. 16 (Tea for Two)
(1:05:10) Etta James — The Man I Love
(1:09:48) William Bolcom — Promenade (Walking the Dog)
(1:12:55) Angelo Badalamenti and David Lynch — Dick Tremayne’s Swing
(1:14:42) Peggy Lee with George Shearing — Always True to You in My Fashion
(1:16:39) Reflection Eternal (Talib Kweli and Hi-Tek) — Some Kind of Wonderful
(1:19:54) Bobbie Gentry and Glen Campbell — Gentle on My Mind
(1:23:01) Cat Stevens — The First Cut Is the Deepest
(1:26:01) Your DJs Conclude Another Program
(1:32:10) Bowling for Soup — Today is Gonna Be a Great Day (extended theme to Phineas and Ferb)


Episode #232: Even a Fretful, Bilious, Feverish Child Loves the Pleasant Taste of Full Duplex Radio

July 1, 2017

Once you download this program and crack it open you’ll find enough entertainment to fill all the dead time in your holiday weekend. There’s music and chat for every member of the family, no matter what the size of your family is. You can’t possibly have heard all of this before. But that’s a GOOD thing. We humbly present this for your consideration. And once you’ve considered that, consider all the other episodes as well.

(0:00:00) Lisa Marie Gabriel — The Liberty Bell March
(0:02:34) Your DJs Wish You a Happy Fourth, and Other Things
(0:06:56) Lucy Reed with Bill Evans — Because We’re Kids
(0:09:45) Michael Kiwanuka — Cold Little Heart
(0:19:50) Jad Fair and Kramer — Red Red Sun
(0:23:37) Beach Fossils — Youth
(0:26:15) Your DJs Interrupt to Tell You What You Were Listening To
(0:33:51) Nicolas Slonimsky — Children Cry for Castoria!
(0:35:04) They Might Be Giants — Walking My Cat Named Dog
(0:37:10) Harry Styles — Kiwi
(0:40:16) The Moody Blues — Sun Is Still Shining (extended version)
(0:44:17) Hasil Adkins — The Hunch
(0:47:05) Your DJs Speak their Usual Piece
(0:53:27) Bob and Ray — Book Interview: Fergus Waycroft on the 19th Olympiad
(0:56:07) The Weeknd — Can’t Feel My Face (BBC Live Lounge version)
(0:59:36) Fleetwood Mac — Tell Me All the Things You Do
(1:03:47) Wilco — I Got You (At the End of the Century)
(1:07:43) Your DJs Speak for Several Minutes
(1:11:20) Nicolas Slonimsky — And Then Her Doctor Told Her
(1:12:26) Arthur Alexander — Intro/Anna (Go to Him)
(1:16:17) The Palisades — Make the Night a Little Longer
(1:19:10) Duke Errol and The Lords — Mama Look-a Boo Boo
(1:21:56) Nas — One Mic
(1:26:26) Your DJs Speak, End the Program, and Turn Off Their Microphones
(1:32:06) The Crystal Method — Theme to Bones


Episode #231: Turbines to Speed!

June 24, 2017

It’s the first weekend of summer but it’s no big deal. All the seasons blend together when you’re in this business. We finish one and then we’re on to the next. Wait, are we talking about seasons or about episodes of Your Favorite Podcast? Both, I guess. But we have a moment to tell you that this one has a little tribute, a nod to Bob’s Nobel speech, piano players of all sorts, lyrics that children should not hear, some movie music, and a gimmick or two, plus a little more. Please yourselves (and us too) with your gracious downloads.

(0:00:00) Petra Haden — Batman Theme (a cappella)
(0:01:08) Your DJs Arrive with Their Business
(0:08:39) Adam West — Miranda
(0:11:26) Delays — Hey Girl
(0:14:07) The Byrds — Wasn’t Born to Follow
(0:16:10) Alabama — Feels So Right
(0:19:44) Your DJs Recap and Introduce
(0:26:36) Leadbelly — Cotton Fields
(0:28:42) The Seekers — Cotton Fields
(0:30:52) The Beach Boys — Dennis introduces “Cotton Fields”/Cotton Fields
(0:34:14) Harry Belafonte — Cotton Fields (live at Carnegie Hall, 1959)
(0:38:29) Petula Clark — L’enfant do (Cotton Fields)
(0:40:25) Your DJs Are Pleased That You’re Pleased
(0:45:06) Mr. Clean All Purpose Cleaner — Mr. Clean, Mr. Clean
(0:46:00) Joanne Brackeen — Tico-Tico
(0:51:16) Art Tatum — Tea for Two
(0:53:20) Vince Guaraldi — The Masked Marvel
(0:58:38) Glenn Gould — Bach: The Well-Tempered Clavier, Book 1, Prelude #1 in C, BWV 846
(1:01:00) Your DJs Are All Right
(1:03:19) Joanna Wang — Wild World (Acoustic Version)
(1:07:03) Michael Kiwanuka — Home Again
(1:10:51) Bob and Ray — Wally Ballou: Bridge Across the English Channel
(1:13:57) Dr. Dre feat. RBX, Snoop Dogg, Jewell — Let Me Ride
(1:18:19) Folk Uke — Motherfucker Got Fucked Up
(1:20:37) Whitney Houston — How Will I Know (a cappella)
(1:24:35) Your DJs Release You
(1:33:16) Pino Donaggio — Main Title Theme from Dressed to Kill (1980)


Episode #230: More of That Hippie Stuff That Everyone Loves

June 17, 2017

30s pop, 50s pop, 60s pop, 70s pop, TV Music, cartoon music, an impossibly young Ethel Merman, this week’s monster hit, and still much more, are all to be found in this week’s program. As comforting as tea and toast, and just as nourishing: at these prices, you should definitely get it.

(0:00:00) Ethel Merman — You Try Somebody Else (from the 1932 Fleischer Bros. Screen Song cartoon)
(0:07:23) Your DJs Greet Each Other and You
(0:15:52) Gary Lewis and The Playboys — She’s Just My Style
(0:18:58) The DeFranco Family feat. Tony DeFranco — Heartbeat - It’s a Lovebeat
(0:22:08) Joanna Newsom — The Book of Right-On
(0:26:14) Beach House — Gila
(0:31:00) Your DJs Recap the Past Fifteen Minutes
(0:35:07) Lee Morgan — Yes I Can, No You Can’t
(0:42:29) Paris Sisters — I Love How You Love Me
(0:44:55) Donovan — The Voyage of the Moon
(0:50:10) Buffalo Springfield — I Am a Child
(0:52:28) Your DJs Relate
(0:59:00) Bobbie Gentry — Niki Hoeky
(1:01:45) Mina — Il cielo in una stanza
(1:04:39) Jimmie Rodgers — Kisses Sweeter Than Wine
(1:06:56) Kendrick Lamar — HUMBLE.
(1:09:53) Your DJs Chat
(1:15:22) Johnny Cash — Hurt
(1:18:58) Maria McKee — Why Wasn’t I More Grateful (When Life Was Sweet)
(1:24:03) The Beatles — Hey Bulldog
(1:27:12) Weezer — Mykel and Carli
(1:30:04) Your DJs Prepare to Leave
(1:34:50) Kelsey Grammer (Bruce Miller and Darryl Phinesse, composers) — Theme to Frasier (Tossed Salads and Scrambled Eggs)