Episode #214: Things Down There Aren’t Quite So Square

February 18, 2017

February is sometimes Theme Month on Full Duplex Radio but this one is NOT a theme show. Thank goodness for that. You get a normal show, with our normal variability: cover tunes and pop, some kind of jazz, a monster modern hit or two, really old stuff, long-dead commercial messages, and more. And sometimes there’s a sitar in there if you listen closely. Worth every penny. Please give it the old college try, even if you never went to college. We don’t care about that.

(0:00:00) Alexandr Misko — Billie Jean
(0:03:48) Your DJs Are in the House
(0:08:27) The Alan Bown — Toyland
(0:10:59) Looking Glass — Golden Rainbow
(0:14:04) The Monkees — What Am I Doing Hangin’ Round
(0:17:11) The Trash Can Sinatras — Make Yourself at Home
(0:20:35) Your DJs Speak
(0:23:58) The Music Factory — Commercial: Sopwith Camel (album)
(0:24:56) Alan Lorber Orchestra — Up Up and Away
(0:27:43) The Righteous Brothers — Just Once in My Life
(0:31:39) Miranda Sex Garden — Caravan
(0:35:21) Bon Iver — 22 Moon Water
(0:38:30) Your DJs Recap
(0:43:01) Alison Krauss — Can’t Find My Way Home
(0:46:24) Sturgill Simpson — Keep It Between the Lines
(0:50:27) Charlie Straight — Deep Henderson (1926)
(0:53:32) The Ramsey Lewis Trio — Wade in the Water
(0:57:17) Your DJs Speak
(1:00:15) Weird Al Yankovic — eBay
(1:03:50) Beyoncé — Sandcastles
(1:07:08) Bing Crosby — (Anyone Can See With Half an Eye That) I’m Crazy Over You
(1:10:38) Disneyland Band — Medley: March of the Toys/Whistle While You Work/Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah/Hi-Diddle-Dee-Dee (An Actor's Life for Me)/Dig, Dig, Dig/Heigh-Ho
(1:14:35) Your DJs Speak
(1:18:07) Tiny Tim — Keeping My Troubles to Myself
(1:22:28) Dr. Dre feat. Anderson .Paak and Marsha Ambrosius — All in a Day’s Work
(1:27:42) The Coasters — Poison Ivy (alternate take)
(1:30:26) Diana Ross — Touch Me in the Morning
(1:33:52) Your DJs Finish
(1:38:43) Alan Scott, Keith Textor — Theme to Candid Camera


Episode #213: We Knock You Down So We Can Lift You Up Again

February 11, 2017

For the fifth time your co-hosts have assembled a collection of “sad songs”: appallingly dolorous, soul-destroying, suicide-inducing songs designed to make you stronger. WE’RE KIDDING! They’re not THAT bad or even that sad, and some of you even like this annual offering. And the rest of you are still our friends anyway. And we always end with a day-brightener to make up for any doldrums. So please download and listen, and Happy Galentine’s Day.

(0:00:00) National Philharmonic Orchestra (Georg Friedrich Handel, composer) — Sarabande (Main Title) (from Barry Lyndon (1975))
(0:02:39) Your DJs Reveal the Theme
(0:09:01) Alison Krauss, Yo-Yo Ma, Edgar Meyer, Mark O’Connor — Slumber, My Darling
(0:13:50) Tori Amos — Winter
(0:19:31) Richard Thompson — Beeswing
(0:25:10) Beck — Lost Cause
(0:28:58) Your DJs Discuss
(0:35:20) Alfred Deller, Desmond Dupré — Wayfaring Stranger
(0:39:32) Dusty Springfield — Poor Wayfaring Stranger (Live)
(0:42:59) Emmylou Harris — Wayfaring Stranger
(0:46:25) Bill Monroe — Wayfaring Stranger
(0:50:53) Your DJs Are Sad
(0:54:00) John Prine — Sam Stone
(0:58:38) The Notorious B.I.G. — Suicidal Thoughts
(1:01:28) Adam Cohen — Fall Apart
(1:05:24) Aretha Franklin — One Step Ahead
(1:07:58) Your DJs Are Still Sad
(1:10:11) Cher — If I Could Turn Back Time
(1:14:11) Wilco — Hate It Here
(1:19:24) Kate and Anna McGarrigle — Kitty, Come Home
(1:23:55) Nina Simone — Don’t Let Me Be Misunderstood
(1:26:39) Your DJs Are Still Sad But Not for Much Longer
(1:29:31) Frank Sinatra — My Funny Valentine
(1:32:01) Billie Holiday — Strange Fruit (Live)
(1:34:51) Johnny Hartman — It Never Entered My Mind
(1:38:28) Travis — Paperclips
(1:42:02) Your DJs Recover in Time to Cheer You Up
(1:45:43) Don Robertson — The Happy Whistler


Episode #212: Think of Us Poor DJs Who Wander in the Mire

February 4, 2017

February, and the living is easy. This week we have a tribute to Maggie Roche plus a little more music and a little less chat than usual. Sometimes it just turns out that way. But you’ll still hear a couple of great Willy Nelson covers, other covers, some jazz and pop, some funk and rap, music from France, a little dance, a little seltzer down your pants. Please download this and listen, because otherwise we’re talking to ourselves. Hello, ourselves!

(0:00:00) The Roches — The Married Men
(0:04:30) Your DJs Talk About That Subject Again
(0:07:13) Maggie and Terre Roche — Underneath the Moon
(0:09:44) The Roches — You’re the Two
(0:12:59) The Roches — Feeling is Mutual
(0:15:39) The Roches — Here We Come A-Carolling
(0:17:07) Your DJs Recap
(0:21:07) Billy J. Kramer and The Dakotas — Trains and Boats and Planes
(0:23:36) Carla Bozulich — Just as I Am
(0:29:27) London Grammar — Wicked Game (originally by Chris Isaak)
(0:32:45) Angelo Badalamenti — Night Life in Twin Peaks
(0:36:09) Your DJs Speak
(0:39:16) Patty Griffin — One Big Love
(0:43:30) Redbird — I Gotta Get Drunk
(0:45:30) The Music Factory — Commercial: You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown (cast album)
(0:46:30) George Winston — You’re in Love, Charlie Brown
(0:49:17) OutKast — Unhappy
(0:52:36) Your DJs Speak a Bit
(0:55:54) Tony Perkins — Miss Otis Regrets
(0:59:57) Fountains of Wayne — All Kinds of Time
(1:04:16) The Mike Flowers Pops — Wonderwall
(1:06:57) Oasis — Songbird
(1:09:05) Your DJs Speak a Little More
(1:11:42) Les Blue Stars (Blossom Dearie, piano) — La légende du pays des oiseaux (Lullaby of Birdland)
(1:14:28) Hozier — Arsonist’s Lullaby
(1:19:21) Dead Can Dance — Saltarello
(1:21:55) Funkadelic — Hit It and Quit It
(1:25:46) Jenny O. — Cheer Up Free Your Mind
(1:30:05) Tegan and Sara — Call It Off
(1:32:25) Your DJs Wrap Up
(1:37:15) Gloria Estefan (Jeff Barry and Nancy Barry, composers) — Theme to One Day at a Time (2017 version)


Episode #211: Radio Is an Ugly Medium

January 29, 2017

We're a little late but here’s the mixed bag you've come to expect from us, really the only kind of bag we know how to make. If we were more organized it might be boring. Hear a lot of Bob covers, a tiny MTM tribute, a show tune, guitar and indie and folk and hip-hop and country and ballads by legends both living and otherwise. We spend hours so that you will willingly surrender 90 minutes of your copious spare time being entertained. Download now and get it over with.

(0:00:00) Joan Jett and The Blackhearts — Love Is All Around (Theme to The Mary Tyler Moore Show)
(0:00:59) Your DJs Discuss a Few Things
(0:11:37) Rose Marie, Morey Amsterdam, Dick Van Dyke, Mary Tyler Moore — The Musicians (I Am a Fine Musician) (from The Dick Van Dyke Show (1963))
(0:14:01) Pat Boone — Friendly Persuasion (Thee I Love)
(0:16:56) Judy Garland — I Got the Sun in the Morning (test recording from Annie Get Your Gun (1950))
(0:19:07) Tiny Grimes Orchestra (Charlie Parker, saxophone) — Romance Without Finance
(0:22:09) Your DJs Speak
(0:25:44) The Music Factory — Commercial: Frank Zappa and The Mothers of Invention
(0:26:44) Frank Zappa — Help, I’m a Rock (1995 reissue version)
(0:31:28) Michael Franti — Subterranean Homesick Blues
(0:34:05) Norma Tanega — Walkin’ My Cat Named Dog
(0:36:22) Fleet Foxes — Battery Kinzie
(0:39:10) Your DJs Speak More
(0:43:43) Liona Boyd — Carretera Libertad (Freedom Highway)
(0:47:20) Stevie Wonder — Blowin’ in the Wind
(0:50:24) Sue Thompson — (’Til) I Kissed You
(0:53:03) The Lovin’ Spoonful — You Baby
(0:55:57) Your DJs Speak a Little More
(0:58:26) Engelbert Humperdinck — Dommage, dommage
(1:00:25) Doves — Black and White Town
(1:04:41) Your DJs Interrupt by Mistake but Not for Long
(1:04:50) The Music Factory — Commercial: Odetta (album)
(1:05:50) Herb Alpert and The Tijuana Brass — The Lonely Bull (El Solo Toro)
(1:08:05) DJ Honda feat. De La Soul — Trouble in the Water
(1:11:49) Your DJs Interrupt at the Proper Time
(1:15:16) George Harrison — If Not for You
(1:18:45) Kris Kristofferson — Sunday Mornin’ Comin’ Down
(1:23:16) Joan Baez with Mary Chapin Carpenter — Catch the Wind
(1:27:05) The Roots feat. Blu, P.O.R.N., Dice Raw — Radio Daze
(1:31:22) Your DJs Wrap Up
(1:36:31) Chuck Barris and Milton DeLugg — Theme to The Gong Show


Episode #210: Dust Off the Mat So the Welcome Can Be Seen

January 21, 2017

We have music that your parents liked, maybe even your grandparents, and your DJs like it too. Also stuff your parents might never have heard, plus covers and poems and show tunes and movie music and folk and pop and more. It’s a most unusual day. Wait, it’s not, it’s just like every other day, except this is the day our program comes out. Yes, we think highly of our program in our little corner of the world. Please listen.

(0:00:00) The Mouseketeers — Tuesday Is Guest Star Day (from The Mickey Mouse Club, 1956)
(0:01:59) Your DJs Say Hello
(0:11:14) Carrie Fisher — Sonnet 29 by Wm. Shakespeare (“When in disgrace with fortune and men’s eyes…”)
(0:12:16) New Riders of the Purple Sage — I Don’t Know You
(0:14:45) Anita Bryant — My Little Corner of the World
(0:17:19) Rosemary Clooney — It’s a Most Unusual Day
(0:19:16) Louis Prima and Keely Smith — (Nothing’s Too Good) For My Baby
(0:21:52) Your DJs Recap
(0:27:24) Link Wray and His Ray Men — Rumble
(0:29:49) Best Coast — Sleep Won’t Ever Come
(0:33:47) The Music Factory — Commercial: The Cowsills (album)
(0:34:46) The Cowsills — We Can Fly
(0:36:59) The Raspberries — Go All the Way
(0:40:19) Your DJs Speak
(0:44:06) Bob and Ray — CBS Intro/Audience Member Arrives Late/Questions and Answers About Show Business
(0:48:58) Maggie Rogers — Alaska
(0:52:23) Brak with The Chieftains — I’ll Tell Me Ma
(0:54:28) Run the Jewels feat. Gangsta Boo — Love Again (Akinyele Back)
(0:57:20) Your DJs Excuse
(0:59:45) Vince Guaraldi — You’re in Love, Charlie Brown (1968 album version)
(1:02:51) Doves — Pounding
(1:07:34) The Music Factory — Commercial: Far from the Madding Crowd (soundtrack album)
(1:08:34) Blossom Dearie — The Party’s Over
(1:12:55) The Barr Brothers — Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas
(1:16:06) Your DJs Speak Again
(1:18:52) Mary McCaslin — Ghost Riders in the Sky
(1:22:52) Solomon Burke — Baby Come on Home
(1:26:09) The Searchers — Don’t Throw Your Love Away
(1:28:24) McFly — I Kissed a Girl (Originally by Katy Perry)
(1:31:36) Your DJs Speak One Last Time
(1:36:19) Justin Hurwitz — Mia and Sebastian’s Theme (from La La Land (2016))


Episode #209: The Number One Podcast in Heaven

January 14, 2017

Enough with the tributes, but we have at least one more for you this week for Debbie and Carrie. Some words from our 1967 music sponsor, favorite songs we’ve been holding back, music for both children and adults inappropriately mixed together, covers and classics and parlor music and music from movies and TV. A continuing Happy New Year to you. Let’s keep this going all year long. Let’s have dozens and dozens of new episodes this year! But you have to download and listen to them. if you listen, we’ll make them. That’s the deal.

(0:00:00) Debbie Reynolds and Carrie Fisher — You Made Me Love You/Happy Days Are Here Again (from Oprah, 2011)
(0:02:35) Your DJs Talk About Stuff
(0:13:32) Debbie Reynolds and Carleton Carpenter — Aba Daba Honeymoon (from Two Weeks with Love (1950))
(0:16:45) Debbie Reynolds, Gene Kelly, Donald O'Connor — Good Morning (from Singin' in the Rain (1952))
(0:20:59) Debbie Reynolds — Carolina in the Morning
(0:23:04) Debbie Reynolds — Time After Time
(0:26:06) Your DJs Speak Some
(0:33:13) The Music Factory — Commercial: Alan Lorber’s The Lotus Palace (album)
(0:34:12) Cowboy Junkies — Blue Moon Revisited (Song for Elvis)
(0:38:40) The Rescues — Everything’s Gonna Be Better Next Year
(0:42:33) David Bromberg — Dehlia
(0:50:23) The Band — Chest Fever
(0:55:36) Your DJs Discuss
(1:02:55) Bob and Ray — Celebrity Chasers
(1:05:33) Anne Murray — Animal Crackers
(1:08:04) The Music Factory — Commercial: The Sam the Sham Revue
(1:09:04) Jan DeGaetani, Gilbert Kalish — Jeanie with the Light Brown Hair
(1:12:23) Wu-Tang Clan feat. Snoop Dogg — Conditioner
(1:18:11) Raymond Scott — The Toy Trumpet
(1:21:09) M.O — Medley: How Will I Know?/Perfect Strangers (originally by Whitney Houston/Jonas Blue and JP Cooper)
(1:23:59) Chuck Berry — Brown-Eyed Handsome Man
(1:26:15) Jimmy Jones — Snap My Fingers
(1:28:27) Your DJs Take a Long Time to End the Show
(1:44:17) Hugo Montenegro — Jeannie (Theme to I Dream of Jeannie (Seasons 2-5))


Episode #208: The Things That Really Matter Don’t Mix with Idle Chatter

January 7, 2017

It feels like Sunday, doesn’t it? Sure it does, just humor us. Download this and you’ll hear some creative covers, lilting banjo, music that appeared in movies and television, jazz and show tunes and country and lots more. If we were getting paid for this we might try harder to cajole you, but we’ve worked hard enough already. It’s good, all right? We have testimonials. Start the New Year right and maybe you’ll send us one too.

(0:00:00) Steve Martin — Clawhammer Medley: Sally Ann/Johnson Boys/Simple Gifts/The Bonnie Banks o' Loch Lomond
(0:02:14) Your DJs Pretend It’s Sunday
(0:05:43) Petra Haden — Mary Anne with the Shaky Hand
(0:08:15) Saint Motel — My Type
(0:11:39) Clare Bowen — Speak to Me (from Nashville)
(0:15:49) Sturgill Simpson — Breakers Roar
(0:19:23) Your DJs Recap
(0:22:36) The Music Factory — Commercial: Tim Hardin 1 (album)
(0:23:35) Tim Hardin — Lady Came from Baltimore
(0:25:25) George Michael — Brother Can You Spare a Dime
(0:30:02) Mose Allison — I’m Not Talking
(0:32:32) Shye Ben-Tzur and Jonny Greenwood — The Golden Fang (from Inherent Vice (2014))
(0:37:22) Your DJs Talk a Bit
(0:40:42) The Oscar Peterson Trio — Gravy Waltz
(0:45:08) Thelonious Monk — I Surrender Dear
(0:50:34) Del Close and John Brent — Diagnosis and Therapy (from “The Do-It-Yourself Psychoanalysis Kit”)
(0:58:26) Dr. Dre feat. Justus and BJ the Chicago Kid — It’s All on Me
(1:02:14) Your DJs Speak
(1:06:09) The Music Factory — Commercial: Mike Kellin: And the Testimony’s Still Coming In (album)
(1:07:08) Charles Strouse — Put on a Happy Face (live at the Smithsonian in 1978)
(1:09:36) Fountains of Wayne — Valley Winter Song
(1:13:34) Elizabeth Mitchell and Lisa Loeb — Catch the Moon
(1:16:41) R.E.M. — Tom’s Diner (live at The Borderline, London, 1991)
(1:18:44) Johnny Hallyday — Noir c’est noir (Black Is Black)
(1:21:57) Frank Ocean feat. Beyoncé — Pink and White
(1:25:03) Your DJs Go Away
(1:34:06) Vonda Shepard — Searchin’ My Soul (Theme to Ally McBeal)


Episode #207: If We Took the Bones Out It Wouldn’t Be Crunchy

December 31, 2016

It’s our job to protect the general public, and in that spirit we bring you a New Year’s Eve program which hardly even mentions the New Year, though in it you will hear us wishing you all a happy one, and that has to count for something. We think you’ll like the chat and the folk and pop and indie and commercials, the French music and the country music and the hip-hop, and a really scary introduction. We mean well and we think we also do well. The proof is within your grasp. Download and listen, and then on to 2017, the year we’ve been waiting for all our lives.

(0:00:00) Albert Brooks, Dan Aykroyd — “Do You Want to See Something Really Scary?” (Intro to Twilight Zone: The Movie (1983))
(0:07:35) Your DJs Correct
(0:14:14) Pentangle — Sweet Child
(0:19:28) Livingston Taylor — Six Days on the Road
(0:22:03) The Stone Poneys with Linda Ronstadt — Wings
(0:24:58) Sarah Siskind — I Am Listening
(0:28:01) Your DJs Speak
(0:31:45) The Music Factory — Commercial: The Lotus Palace (album)
(0:32:45) Lord Sitar (Big Jim Sullivan) — Black Is Black
(0:35:32) Kalyani and Anandji Shah — The Good, the Bad, and the Chutney
(0:39:53) Perry Como — Don’t Let the Stars Get in Your Eyes
(0:42:32) Doris Day — It’s You or No One
(0:45:47) Your DJs Talk
(0:50:26) Monty Python (John Cleese, Terry Jones, Graham Chapman) — Crunchy Frog
(0:53:54) Johnny Hallyday — L’idole des jeunes
(0:56:22) Petula Clark — Calcutta
(0:59:01) Lana Del Rey — Blue Jeans
(1:02:31) Your DJs Speak
(1:07:39) Petra Haden — Watermark
(1:10:02) Hop Along — Waitress
(1:13:36) The Music Factory — Commercial: Nico: Chelsea Girl (album)
(1:14:36) Nico — These Days
(1:18:08) Yo La Tengo — My Little Corner of the World
(1:20:30) John Prine with Iris Dement — Who’s Gonna Take the Garbage Out?
(1:23:10) OutKast — Elevators (Me and You)
(1:27:34) Your DJs Conclude
(1:34:55) Petula Clark — A Sign of the Times


Episode #206: Women Hate War

December 24, 2016

It’s Christmas Eve for us, maybe for you too if we get this out in time. Too late for Europe and Australia, those ships have sailed. But this will be on the Internet forever so it doesn’t matter. Enjoy this anytime. Thrill to a Christmas message from The Beatles, to our new sponsor, and to more German drinking songs. Music older than you are and chat as fresh as December rain. No snow here. We would be honored by your download. Happy Crimbo to you.

(0:00:00) The Beatles — Another Beatles Christmas Record (1964 Christmas Message)
(0:03:59) Your DJs Speak to You
(0:16:46) Gus Backus — Ei, du schöne Schnitzelbank
(0:19:04) The Andrew Sisters with Russ Morgan and His Orchestra — Oh, You Sweet One (The New Schnitzelbank Song)
(0:21:34) Bill Haley and His Comets — Rockin’ Rollin’ Schnitzelbank
(0:24:32) Mel Blanc — Yah Das Ist Ein Christmas Tree
(0:27:33) Your DJs Recap
(0:36:30) The Music Factory — Commercial: The James Cotton Blues Band
(0:37:31) Terry Stafford — Suspicion
(0:40:00) The Meditation Singers — Spirit of Christmas
(0:43:26) Julie Andrews, Charmian Carr, Angela Cartwright, Duane Chase, Nicholas Hammond, Kym Karath, Heather Menzies, Debbie Turner — The Lonely Goatherd (from The Sound of Music (1965))
(0:46:36) Rosemary Clooney — Botch-A-Me
(0:48:51) Your DJs Talk
(0:54:19) Golden Gate Quartet — Sweet Adeline
(0:56:41) The O’Jays — Livin’ for the Weekend
(1:03:15) The Chieftains with Ronnie Drew — I’ll Tell Me Ma
(1:05:56) Chance the Rapper — Same Drugs
(1:10:12) Your DJs Speak Again
(1:12:56) The Music Factory — Commercial: Gone with the Wind (soundtrack album)
(1:13:57) Chef (Isaac Hayes) — What the Hell Child is This? (from South Park: Mr. Hankey's Christmas Classics)
(1:18:41) Iron and Wine — Muddy Hymnal
(1:21:43) Harry Nilsson — Don’t Forget Me
(1:25:21) The Beatles — All My Loving (from The Ed Sullivan Show, Miami, 16 February 1964)
(1:28:32) Your DJs Wrap Up and Wish You a Merry Christmas
(1:32:15) Bob Dylan — Must Be Santa


Episode #205: Midnight, and the Kitties are Sleeping

December 10, 2016

This week we have Dolly and Miley, and Miley, and Miley, and Dolly and Miley. Miley Central. And Mitch, we have him. And a bunch of “S”-named artists, and a German drinking song, and oh my goodness show tunes! From the original Broadway cast recordings, because those are always the best no matter what the show, right? And there’s even more than that, so jump right in and get your ears wet. But be sure to dry them because you don’t want people to think you’re wet behind them.

(0:00:00) Le trio lyrique — Le merle (from Le merle (The Blackbird) (1958))
(0:04:39) Your DJs Overexplain
(0:18:06) Dolly Parton and Miley Cyrus — Jolene
(0:21:12) Miley Cyrus — Jolene (from The Backyard Sessions)
(0:24:11) Miley Cyrus — Jolene (from The Bangerz Tour (2015))
(0:27:01) Dolly Parton, Miley Cyrus, Pentatonix — Jolene (from The Voice (2016))
(0:29:14) Your DJs Recap
(0:36:28) Sonny and Cher — Baby Don’t Go
(0:39:36) Seal and Jeff Beck — Manic Depression
(0:44:56) Scala and Kolacny Brothers — Le vent nous portera
(0:49:31) Sondre Lerche — Good Luck
(0:54:44) Your DJs Speak
(0:59:00) Donald Pippin, Willoughby Goddard, Bruce Prochnik — Boy for Sale/Where Is Love? (from Oliver! (Original Broadway Cast) (1962))
(1:03:25) Ethel Merman, Jack Klugman — You’ll Never Get Away from Me (from Gypsy! (Original Broadway Cast) (1959))
(1:05:53) Julie Andrews — The Simple Joys of Maidenhood (from Camelot (Original Broadway Cast) (1960))
(1:08:52) Cynthia Onrubia, Betty Buckley — Memory (from Cats (Original Broadway Cast) (1981))
(1:14:14) Your DJs Talk About Show Tunes
(1:20:49) Julie London — Fly Me to the Moon
(1:23:20) Sam Phillips — Reflecting Light
(1:27:01) She and Him — Must Be Santa
(1:29:15) Brian Wilson — This Could Be the Night
(1:31:47) Your DJs Change Their Minds and Wrap Up
(1:37:51) Mitch Miller and The Gang — Must Be Santa