Episode #151: This Day Comes but Once a Year

November 28, 2015

One of us celebrates a birthday, the other doesn’t. Otherwise it’s business as usual: funk, hip-hop, pop, folk, foreigners, country, TV music, Gordo, commentary on the state of popular culture, and other examples of low-key self-indulgence. You get what you pay for but we think it’s worth the price that you pay.

(0:00:00) Silver Convention — Fly Robin Fly
(0:03:20) Your DJs Begin. One of Them Has a Birthday.
(0:08:13) Los Incas — El Cóndor Pasa
(0:12:00) Sharon Jones and The Dap-Kings — Inspiration Information
(0:16:03) The Jaynetts — Sally Go Round the Roses
(0:19:07) Alabama Shakes — Future People
(0:22:27) Your DJs Speak
(0:30:55) The Who — Things Go Better with Coke (Coca-Cola commercial)
(0:31:26) Gordon Jenkins, Elliott Lewis, Beverly Mahr, The Ralph Brewster Singers — Repeat After Me/Repeat After Me (Reprise) (from The Complete Manhattan Tower)
(0:36:56) The Magnetic Fields — Busby Berkeley Dreams
(0:40:52) Eric Cartman and the Cast of South Park — In My Safe Space (from South Park)
(0:42:58) Run the Jewels — Oh My Darling Don’t Cry
(0:46:23) Your DJs Continue
(0:50:51) Elli Medeiros — Bom bom
(0:54:11) Britney Spears — I’m a Slave
(0:57:36) Art Garfunkel and Paul Simon — The Breakup
(0:59:54) Carla Thomas — How Do You Quit (Someone You Love)
(1:02:47) Your DJs Speak Again
(1:06:55) Billy Currington — Don’t It
(1:10:03) Lucinda Williams — Car Wheels on a Gravel Road
(1:15:03) Mary Black — Dimming of the Day
(1:18:41) Will Chase and Maisy Stella — Have a Little Faith in Me (from Nashville)
(1:22:33) The Four Seasons — Sherry
(1:25:03) Tracey Dey — Jerry (I’m Your Sherry)
(1:27:32) Your DJs Conclude. One of Them Has a Birthday.
(1:36:46) B. J. Thomas and Jennifer Warnes — Theme to Growing Pains


Episode #150: Three Years and Still Trying

November 21, 2015

We start our fourth year bristling with hope. If you’ve been here since we began you won’t be surprised to hear covers, folk music, hip-hop, TV and movie music, an orchestra or two, Bob and Ray, Coke, very old music, and very new music. It’s our hobby and we’re pleased to have you all along.

(0:00:00) Esy Morales and Roberto Gomez — Tico-Tico
(0:02:36) Your DJs Speak and Celebrate Just a Little
(0:04:34) Tim Curry, Jonathan Adams, Barry Bostwick, Susan Sarandon — Don’t Dream It, Be It (from The Rocky Horror Picture Show (1975))
(0:06:25) Taylor Swift — All You Had to Do Was Stay
(0:09:37) The Bangles — Walk Like an Egyptian (A cappella Version)
(0:12:24) Dolly Parton feat. Richie Sambora — Lay Your Hands on Me (Live)
(0:17:49) Your DJs Speak
(0:22:47) The Limeliters — Things Go Better with Coca-Cola (Coca-Cola commercial)
(0:23:18) Gordon Jenkins, Elliott Lewis, Beverly Mahr, The Ralph Brewster Singers — This Close to the Dawn (from The Complete Manhattan Tower)
(0:26:33) The Pixies — Here Comes Your Man
(0:30:14) Bob and Ray — Reuniting the Whirleys (Live at Carnegie Hall)
(0:34:41) Brenton Wood — Gimme Little Sign
(0:37:02) Your DJs Speak Again
(0:39:59) Les Surfs — Adieu Chagrin (There’s a Place)
(0:42:13) Leon Haywood — I Want’a Do Something Freaky to You
(0:48:06) The Decemberists — Crazy on You (Live)
(0:53:25) Dr. Dre feat. Snoop Dogg — Nuthin’ but a “G” Thang
(0:57:25) Your DJs Continue
(1:01:42) The Supremes — I Dig Your Style, the Way You Smile (Coca-Cola commercial)
(1:03:08) Kate and Anna McGarrigle — Foolish You
(1:06:10) Judy Garland — Day in, Day Out
(1:10:36) Ada Jones — By the Light of the Silvery Moon (1921)
(1:12:54) Jack Jones — Lollipops and Roses
(1:16:59) Bob Dylan — Mama, You’ve Been on My Mind
(1:19:54) Joan Baez — Don’t Think Twice, It’s Alright
(1:23:03) Your DJs Wrap Up
(1:30:06) John Williams — Main Title Theme to Superman (1978)


Episode #149: We Wonder When de Boat She Come

November 14, 2015

This week we have early, middle, and late music, all by talented musicians. We have lots of covers, lots of Coke, music from movies and TV and YouTube, and music in four different languages, which is a lot of languages even for us. We love it! We want you to love it too, but first you have to download it. Please. Oh, please.

(0:00:00) Arianna Savall — El mariner
(0:04:37) Your DJs Begin
(0:11:51) A YouTube Orchestra (edited by Gotye) — Somebodies
(0:17:40) Jess Glynne — Medley: Let It Go/Umbrella (originally by James Bay/Rihanna)
(0:21:06) Nana Mouskouri — Plaisir d’amour
(0:25:00) Birdy — White Winter Hymnal
(0:27:16) Your DJs Speak
(0:31:00) Little Milton — Let Me Hear You Say Yeah (Coca-Cola commercial)
(0:32:05) Gordon Jenkins, Elliott Lewis, Beverly Mahr, The Ralph Brewster Singers — Never Leave Me (from The Complete Manhattan Tower)
(0:35:57) Ryan Adams — Style
(0:38:58) The Muppets (Kermit and Rowlf) — I Hope That Somethin’ Better Comes Along (from The Muppet Movie (1979))
(0:42:55) Doris Day — Ohio
(0:45:59) Your DJs Speak
(0:49:53) Petra Haden — Don’t Stop Believin’
(0:53:56) Sharon Van Etten — Much More Than That
(0:58:27) Kate and Anna McGarrigle — Tu vas m’accompagner
(1:02:21) Aimee Mann — Save Me (from Magnolia (1999))
(1:06:55) Your DJs Speak
(1:10:16) The Newbeats — Things Go Better with Coca-Cola (Coca-Cola commercial)
(1:11:18) Chuck Berry — Havana Moon
(1:14:25) Césaria Évora — Sodade
(1:19:42) Iris DeMent — Listening to Singing
(1:22:15) Carla Bozulich — Denver/O’er the Waves
(1:26:20) Your DJs Conclude
(1:33:08) Lalo Schifrin — Theme to Mannix


Episode #148: Can We Please Have a Busy Brenda Mystery Action Vacuum Cleaner Doll?

November 7, 2015

This time around we have music from TV and movies and shows and revues that spans decades, promotes soft drinks, and fills that otherwise empty hour and a half that plagues you every week at this time. We note an important birthday, we talk, we do what we always do. Words fail us. I mean, really. You know what to expect by now. And if you don’t, well, my goodness, what a treat you have in store for you! Please download and listen. Every missed download hurts us just a little bit. A thousand cuts and we’ll be done for.

(0:00:00) David Carbonara — Lipstick (from Mad Men)
(0:02:42) Your DJs Begin
(0:05:58) The Wainwright Sisters — El Cóndor Pasa (If I Could)
(0:09:47) Jenny Lewis and The Watson Twins — Rise Up with Fists!
(0:13:21) Bruce Cockburn — Wondering Where the Lions Are
(0:17:04) Aretha Franklin — You Send Me
(0:19:29) Your DJs Speak
(0:23:23) Gladys Knight and The Pips — I Can Get Along Very Well Without You (Coca-Cola commercial)
(0:24:23) Gilda Radner and Bill Murray — The Evil Santa
(0:28:00) Band of Bees — Wash in the Rain
(0:32:00) Johnny J — I’m the Urban Spaceman
(0:34:41) Run the Jewels feat. Zack De La Rocha — Close Your Eyes (And Count to Fuck)
(0:38:36) Your DJs Speak
(0:43:07) Gordon Jenkins, Elliott Lewis, Beverly Mahr — Once Upon a Dream (from The Complete Manhattan Tower)
(0:46:43) Ryan Adams — Blank Space
(0:50:03) Pentangle — Sally Go Round the Roses
(0:53:38) Best Coast — Fine Without You
(0:56:59) Your DJs Speak
(1:01:06) Noel Coward — Don’t Let’s Be Beastly to the Germans
(1:04:14) Ella Fitzgerald — Manhattan
(1:07:18) Lord Executor — Seven Skeletons Found in the Yard
(1:10:06) Bob Dylan — Song to Woody
(1:12:46) Your DJs Speak
(1:16:14) Arlo Guthrie — Coming Into Los Angeles
(1:19:17) Neko Case — Brown-Eyed Handsome Man
(1:21:17) The Searchers — Someday We’re Going to Love Again
(1:23:14) The Treblemakers — Let It Whip (from Pitch Perfect (2012))
(1:25:34) Your DJs Conclude
(1:30:00) Bill Murray and Gilda Radner — Theme to The Things We Did Last Summer (1978)


Episode #147: Baby, You Really Wouldn’t Understand

October 31, 2015

Our Hallowe’en Spooktacular! No, not true, just kidding, stay right where you are. We’re deep into autumn and we have a little autumn jazz from talented pianists, some still alive! But we also have other seasonal music, and some rock and some roll, plus New York music and guitar and orchestras, other languages, advice from Helen Gurley Brown, and other goofiness. Download it now while it’s still available, because you never know.

(0:00:00) Aubrey Hodges — DragonVale Halloween 2015
(0:02:54) Your DJs Speak
(0:05:11) Mike Jones — Autumn Medley: Autumn Leaves/’Tis Autumn
(0:09:12) Janette Eden — You Turn Me On (And I Light Up)
(0:11:28) Anita O’Day with Billy May — Spring Is Here
(0:14:13) Annie Lennox — Summertime
(0:19:22) Your DJs Explain
(0:22:56) The 5th Dimension — I Dreamed You Were with Me (Coca-Cola commercial)
(0:23:56) Your DJs Break in for a Minute
(0:24:36) Gordon Jenkins, Beverly Mahr, Elliott Lewis — I’m Learnin’ My Latin (from The Complete Manhattan Tower)
(0:28:05) Taylor Swift — Welcome to New York
(0:32:06) Alice Cooper — Be My Lover
(0:35:39) The Rolling Stones — Indian Girl
(0:40:02) Your DJs Speak
(0:43:41) Vince Guaraldi — Great Pumpkin Waltz
(0:46:07) Ed Sheeran — Photograph
(0:50:23) The Four Preps — Big Man
(0:52:46) The Beach Boys — Be True to Your School
(0:54:52) Your DJs Speak
(1:00:17) Aretha Franklin — Big City, Bright Lights (Coca-Cola commercial)
(1:01:18) Jørgen Ingmann and His Guitar — Apache
(1:04:18) David McCallum — Far Away Blue
(1:07:31) Helen Gurley Brown — Getting the Most from Your Secretary
(1:10:32) Kendrick Lamar — Hood Politics
(1:15:26) The Beach Boys — Ganz Allein (German version of In My Room)
(1:17:41) Small Faces — The Universal
(1:20:22) Dalida — Itsi bitsi petit bikini
(1:22:38) De La Soul — Skip to My Loop
(1:23:51) Your DJs Conclude
(1:31:46) Gene Wilder — Ohio


Episode #146: Notice We Do Not So Much Fly as Plummet

October 24, 2015

This week is quiet because that’s the way we like it. Get your Rocktoberfest elsewhere and come here to recover. We have early James Taylor and Monty Python and Iris DeMent, we have Debbie Reynolds and Norah Jones and Snoop, new music from Jewel and Patty Griffin, music from TV and movies, folk stuff, indie stuff, Coke, more Manhattan Tower, and even more than that. Not a show tune in sight (sorry, that was our mistake, not yours). Please try it on for size.

(0:00:00) James Taylor — Something in the Way She Moves
(0:03:03) Your DJs Start
(0:05:07) Gordon Jenkins, Elliott Lewis, Beverly Mahr — Happiness Cocktail (from The Complete Manhattan Tower)
(0:09:34) Debbie Reynolds — Fine and Dandy
(0:12:28) Comedian Harmonists — Hallo, was machst du heut', Daisy? (You're Driving Me Crazy)
(0:15:11) Snoop Dogg feat. The Dream — Gangsta Luv
(0:19:27) Your DJs Speak
(0:21:58) Fontella Bass — Come to Me (Coca-Cola commercial)
(0:22:57) Jewel feat. Dolly Parton — My Father’s Daughter
(0:26:20) Lily and Madeleine — These Great Things
(0:29:42) Iris DeMent — Let the Mystery Be
(0:32:29) Norah Jones — The Long Way Home
(0:35:40) Your DJs Speak
(0:38:06) Roy Orbison — Brown Eyed Handsome Man
(0:39:56) Sam Palladio — Shine (Acoustic Version) (from Nashville)
(0:43:41) Patty Griffin — Shine a Different Way
(0:48:58) Fountains of Wayne — Troubled Times
(0:52:38) Your DJs Speak
(0:54:52) Tom and Jerry (Art Garfunkel and Paul Simon) — Hey, Schoolgirl
(0:57:06) The Merseybeats — Wishin’ and Hopin’
(0:59:38) The Primitives — Secrets
(1:02:08) The Hooters — All You Zombies (Original Version)
(1:05:26) Your DJs Speak
(1:09:12) Ray Charles and Aretha Franklin — Sometimes a Day Brings Me Down (Coca-Cola commercial)
(1:10:41) Monty Python — Flying Sheep
(1:13:31) Estelle — Wait a Minute (Just a Touch)
(1:17:42) Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio — Dimming of the Day (from Limbo (1999))
(1:21:25) Spoon — Eddie’s Ragga
(1:25:06) Your DJs Conclude
(1:28:30) Johnny Mathis and Deniece Williams (J. J. Barry, composer) — Without Us (Theme to Family Ties)


Episode #145: We’ll Give It Right Back to You

October 17, 2015

This week we present jazz giants, bluegrass, organ music, cover tunes, Coke, theme songs, show tunes, TV music, and more, plus we start a story about Manhattan that Gordon Jenkins will finish over the next few months. Also we talk about it. We’re used to it by now and so are you. We hope that you like it. But we may never know. We’re not mind-readers.

(0:00:00) Whispering Jack Smith — Gimme a Li'l Kiss, Will Ya, Huh?
(0:03:20) Your DJs Begin
(0:05:47) Lorne Greene — Ringo (French Version)
(0:09:34) Minnie Riperton — Les fleurs
(0:12:49) Robyn Hitchcock — Visions of Johanna
(0:19:02) Arcade Fire — Month of May
(0:22:54) Your DJs Speak
(0:26:05) The Who — Coke After Coke After Coke (Coca-Cola commercial)
(0:27:12) Gordon Jenkins, Elliott Lewis — Magical City (from The Complete Manhattan Tower)
(0:32:35) Ima Robot — Greenback Boogie (Theme to Suits)
(0:37:45) George Wright — Wouldn’t It Be Loverly
(0:40:13) Stubby Kaye, Johnny Silver, Douglas Dean — Runyonland/Fugue for Tinhorns/Follow the Fold (from Guys and Dolls (1951), Original Broadway Cast)
(0:43:33) Your DJs Speak
(0:50:32) Sara Watkins — Jefferson
(0:53:31) Duke Ellington and John Coltrane — In a Sentimental Mood
(0:57:47) Bill Evans Trio — My Man’s Gone Now
(1:04:08) Angelo Badalamenti — Log Lady Presence
(1:05:11) Your DJs Speak
(1:08:50) Bob Dylan — Things We Said Today
(1:11:49) Hozier — From Eden
(1:16:47) Davy Graham — Don’t Think Twice, It’s Alright
(1:19:36) Ryan Adams — Out of the Woods
(1:25:42) Your DJs Conclude
(1:31:18) Mike Post — Theme from Magnum, P. I.


Episode #144: Let It Ring!

October 11, 2015

Again we overstay our welcome with an extra-long program but we hope to be forgiven. Today we wrap up those Seven Dreams and we throw many other things at you including a couple of jazz divas, a chanteuse or two, covers, Coke, a show tune, novelty songs, a Disneyland price list, and women singing. So many women. It just worked out that way. Listen at your leisure. But don’t wait too long.

(0:00:00) Disney — Disneyland Main Entrance 1956 Announcements
(0:02:12) Your DJs Commence
(0:05:14) Jimmy Webb — P. F. Sloan
(0:09:17) Billy Paul — Me and Mrs. Jones
(0:14:02) The Corrs — Dimming of the Day
(0:16:59) Elbow — One Day Like This (BBC Live Lounge version)
(0:20:42) Your DJs Speak
(0:28:05) Nancy Sinatra — Popcorn, Datin’, Celebratin’ (Coca-Cola commercial)
(0:29:11) Gordon Jenkins, Bill Lee, Laurie Carroll — The Seventh Dream: The Girl on the Rock (from Seven Dreams)
(0:35:56) Taylor Swift — Out of the Woods
(0:40:11) The Kids — Mums and Dads (from Blitz! (1962))
(0:42:28) Frankie Lymon and The Teenagers — Goody Goody
(0:44:39) Your DJs Speak
(0:49:57) Mary Hopkin — The Puppy Song
(0:52:39) Pink Martini — Everywhere
(0:55:49) Martha Wainwright — Dis, quand reviendras-tu?
(0:59:56) Ella Fitzgerald — I’ve Got My Love to Keep Me Warm
(1:02:53) Your DJs Speak
(1:07:00) The Supremes — The Sadness of Leaving Still in My Heart (Coca-Cola commercial)
(1:08:00) Lera Lynn — My Least Favorite Life (from True Detective (2015))
(1:11:27) The War on Drugs — Burning
(1:17:34) Lava Hay — Won’t Matter
(1:21:18) Sarah Vaughan — Doodlin’
(1:25:50) Napoleon XIV (Jerry Samuels) — They're Coming to Take Me Away, Ha-Haaa!
(1:28:00) Josephine — They Took You Away, I’m Glad, I’m Glad
(1:30:04) Your DJs Conclude
(1:37:30) Gordon Jenkins — Theme from Seven Dreams


Episode #143: What Is an Adverb?

October 3, 2015

October means music and stuff. We have both music AND stuff: old commercials, old songs, old instrumentals, nightmares, and a little newer music thrown in for the kids (whom we salute since they are our future). We don’t need to elaborate because you can read, right? It’s all there on the playlist. Block off the next 90 minutes and proceed to the first song.

(0:00:00) Billy Bragg feat. Natalie Merchant — I Was Born
(0:01:49) Your DJs Begin
(0:08:23) Kate and Anna McGarrigle with Martha Wainwright — Winter Lady
(0:11:43) Bud Powell — Autumn in New York
(0:14:36) Tom Rush — Urge for Going
(0:20:24) Bob Dylan — You’re Gonna Make Me Lonesome When You Go
(0:23:18) Your DJs Speak
(0:28:06) The Seekers — Monday There Is No Ray of Hope (Coca-Cola commercial)
(0:29:06) Lee Hazlewood — The Girls in Paris
(0:31:30) Ryan Adams — Shake It Off
(0:35:52) Gordon Jenkins, The Ralph Brewster Singers — The Sixth Dream: The Nightmare (from Seven Dreams)
(0:40:05) Taylor Swift — Shake It Off
(0:43:42) Your DJs Speak
(0:48:43) Harry Nilsson — The Puppy Song
(0:51:25) Pat Boone — Love Letters in the Sand
(0:53:39) Jesse Winchester — Isn’t That So?
(0:56:02) Deer Tick — Easy
(0:59:53) Your DJs Speak
(1:04:55) The Shirelles with John W. Bubbles — We’re Tired, So Tired (Coca-Cola commercial)
(1:06:40) Rick Nelson and the Stone Canyon Band — Garden Party
(1:10:26) Vampire Weekend — Oxford Comma
(1:14:00) Herb Alpert and The Tijuana Brass — The Love Nest
(1:15:46) Dr. Dre feat. Jill Scott, Jon Connor, Anderson .Paak — For the Love of Money
(1:20:06) The Essex — Easier Said Than Done
(1:22:12) The Sierras — I’ll Believe It When I See It
(1:24:24) Your DJs Conclude
(1:30:45) David Rose and His Concert Orchestra — Holiday for Strings (Theme to The Red Skelton Show)


Episode #142: Never Had It, Never Will

September 26, 2015

Such a stuffed-up episode this week. We present music for all ages from pre-sentient to senile, and we talk your ears into submission. We talk and play songs about buildings and food (actually about houseboats and soft drinks). You’ll hear cover tunes, pop, rhythm, blues, folk, rock, instrumentals, and you’ll have a good time. If we preach, it’s to the converted, so you won’t mind.

(0:00:00) Mae Questel — Don’t Take My Boop-Boop-A-Doop Away
(0:02:52) Your DJs Start Talking
(0:13:19) Herman’s Hermits — This Door Swings Both Ways
(0:15:25) Arctic Monkeys — I Bet You Look Good on the Dancefloor
(0:18:19) Steve Goodman — Tico-Tico
(0:20:21) Dave Clark Five — Raining in My Heart
(0:23:08) Your DJs Talk Some More
(0:27:17) Roy Orbison — C. O. C. A. C. O. L. A. (Coca-Cola commercial)
(0:28:18) Muriel Anderson — King of the Road
(0:30:48) Led Zeppelin — Good Times Bad Times
(0:33:52) Gordon Jenkins, Bill Lee, Jeanette Nolan, John McIntire — The Fifth Dream: The Pink Houseboat (from Seven Dreams)
(0:43:43) James Brown — The Little Groove Maker Me
(0:49:02) Your DJs Keep on Talking
(0:56:44) Otis Redding — A Man and a Woman (Coca-Cola commercial)
(0:58:12) David Gilmour — Dimming of the Day
(1:02:21) Ryan Adams — Welcome to New York
(1:05:58) Neil Innes — Good Manners
(1:09:57) Lupe Fiasco feat. Snoop Dogg and Pooh Bear — Hi-Definition
(1:13:49) Your DJs Won’t Stop Talking
(1:19:32) Bowling for Soup — Belgium (Acoustic Version)
(1:23:11) Grizzly Bear — Hold Still
(1:25:33) Sam Cooke — Bring It on Home to Me
(1:28:07) Carla Thomas — Gee Whiz It’s Christmas
(1:30:52) Your DJs Finish Talking
(1:36:33) Perry Como — Seattle (Theme to Here Come the Brides)