Episode #137: Serving the Hooch in Paper Cups

August 22, 2015

If we include Gibberish as a language, this week’s program has songs in four different languages. You’ll hear songs about madness, about dancing, and about soft drinks. You’ll sing along with songs about water and summer and sweethearts, songs about rainbows, rats, and roller coasters. You’ll thrill to songs about togetherness, about dusk, about birds, and about even more than that. And we chat both your ears off. (Just a metaphor! No cause for alarm.) Please download our little effort and play it on your little device. We thank you kindly.

(0:00:00) Little Jerry and the Monotones — Mad!
(0:02:23) Your DJs Speak
(0:06:52) Bryan Kessler — Celtic Summer
(0:09:48) Berlin Philharmonic (Riccardo Muti, conductor) — Handel: Water Music, Suite No. 3 in G major, Minuet
(0:13:12) Emma Kirkby, David Thomas, Anthony Rooley (composer: Robert Jones) — Whither Runneth My Sweetheart
(0:15:25) Alexander — Glimpses
(0:20:50) Your DJs Speak Again
(0:31:46) Jerry Butler and Carla Thomas — If People Love Each Other Like You and Me (Coca-Cola commercial)
(0:32:46) Alison Krauss and Union Station — Dimming of the Day
(0:38:03) John Legend — Live It Up
(0:42:57) Bob and Ray — The Gathering Dusk: Lemonade Bootleggers
(0:47:21) Silentó — Watch Me (Whip/Nae Nae)
(0:50:23) Your DJs Speak Another Time
(0:58:01) Leona Anderson — Rats in My Room
(1:00:22) Weezer feat. Hayley Williams — Rainbow Connection
(1:04:32) Piero Umiliani — Mah Na Mah Na
(1:06:40) Brand Nubian — All for One
(1:11:35) Your DJs Speak Yet Another Time
(1:17:21) Joe Tex — Now Listen Baby, the Day’s Half-Spent (Coca-Cola commercial)
(1:18:19) Les Baxter — Roller Coaster
(1:21:11) Chuck Jackson — Any Day Now (My Wild Beautiful Bird)
(1:24:31) Sylvie Vartan — Le loco-motion (The Locomotion)
(1:26:44) Dusty Springfield — Warten und Hoffen (Wishin’ and Hopin’)
(1:29:38) Your DJs Conclude
(1:36:26) Laurie Johnson and The London Studio Orchestra — Theme to The Avengers


Episode #136: Always Alone, Never with the Herd

August 15, 2015

This week we have a few more cover songs than usual but we also have show tunes, answer songs, Coca-Cola, TV music, movie music, and a few other things that we like. And we chat. We don’t preach. No preachers, us. Chatters, us. You can skip past those parts if you want. We won’t mind because we’ll never know that you did that. Download and be as quietly judgmental as you like.

(0:00:00) Edward Nell and the Foursome Quartet (spoken intro by Cole Porter) — Don’t Fence Me In
(0:02:20) Your DJs Say Hello
(0:06:41) The Newcomers — The Martian Hop
(0:09:35) The New Birth — Until It’s Time for You to Go
(0:15:11) 101 Strings — Karma Sitar
(0:18:22) Ghostface Killah feat. Raekwon — Apollo Kids
(0:22:16) Your DJs Speak
(0:25:07) Gladys Knight and The Pips — I've Heard About It, Now I Wanna Know About It (Coca-Cola commercial)
(0:26:08) Kek Lang — Blowin’ in the Wind
(0:30:12) Can — Vitamin C
(0:33:58) William Larsen, Hugh Thomas — Plant a Radish (from The Fantasticks (1960))
(0:36:28) Rex Harrison — A Hymn to Him (from My Fair Lady (1959 London Cast))
(0:39:43) Your DJs Speak
(0:44:03) The Byrds — Chestnut Mare
(0:49:10) Rachael Yamagata — 1963
(0:53:13) Sérgio Mendes and Brasil ’66 — The Fool on the Hill
(0:56:27) The Flying Burrito Brothers — Older Guys
(0:58:56) Your DJs Speak
(1:01:58) Edd Byrnes and Connie Stevens — Kookie, Kookie (Lend Me Your Comb)
(1:04:01) Haim — XO (originally by Beyoncé)
(1:09:13) Laura Cantrell — Bees
(1:13:23) Bon Iver — Calgary
(1:17:34) Jerry Butler — Come on Over Here, Baby (Coca-Cola commercial)
(1:18:35) The Shirelles — Will You Love Me Tomorrow
(1:21:16) Bertell Dache — Not Just Tomorrow but Always
(1:24:05) Your DJs Conclude
(1:32:22) Leonard Cohen — Nevermind (Theme to True Detective (2015))


Episode #135: Every Weekend We Greet You

August 8, 2015

This week: too many versions of the same song AND too many songs by the same person. It’s a two-peccadillo extra-value weekend! You’ll hear movie music and TV music and show tunes, commercials by big-name artists, an instrumental or two, a little folk and a little pop and a little hip-hop, and the name of your uncle is Bob. Please download and continue our never-ending journey.

(0:00:00) The Everly Brothers — Made to Love
(0:02:01) Your DJs Elaborate
(0:12:30) Eddie Hodges — (Girls Girls Girls) Were Made to Love
(0:14:54) Claude François — Belles! Belles! Belles!
(0:17:07) The Marketts — Here Comes the Ho-Dads
(0:19:18) Lesley Gore — Je sais qu’un jour (Maybe I Know)
(0:21:44) Your DJs Speak
(0:23:13) Fontella Bass — All I Can Say Is Mmm (Coca-Cola commercial)
(0:24:15) M. Stern — A, B and C: Engadine’s Party (Capricieuse) (from The Prisoner)
(0:27:03) Angelo Badalamenti — The Bookhouse Boys (from Twin Peaks)
(0:30:56) The Grass Roots — Where Were You When I Needed You
(0:33:55) Stephen Malkmus and The Jicks — Asking Price
(0:36:35) Your DJs Speak
(0:45:10) Theodore Bikel, Mary Martin — Edelweiss (from The Sound of Music (1959) (Original Broadway Cast))
(0:47:13) Theodore Bikel and Geula Gill — Ah! Si mon moine voulait danser
(0:50:00) Theodore Bikel — Piggies
(0:53:06) Theodore Bikel — Urge for Goin’
(0:57:44) Your DJs Speak
(1:00:29) Jimmy Bryant — Tico-Tico
(1:02:27) Digable Planets — Rebirth of Slick (Cool Like Dat) (Crashing Giant Step Mix)
(1:07:34) Traveling Wilburys — Runaway
(1:10:04) Paul McCartney and Wings — Let ‘Em In
(1:15:13) The Four Seasons — Winter, Summer, Spring or Fall (Coca-Cola commercial)
(1:16:44) Emmylou Harris — Dimming of the Day
(1:20:08) Lorde — Everybody Wants to Rule the World (from The Hunger Games: Catching Fire (2013))
(1:22:42) Your DJs Conclude
(1:31:44) Dr. John (Mike Post, composer) — My Opinionation (Theme to Blossom)


Episode #134: A Little Web Is Cute, but a Big Web Is Wise

August 1, 2015

The summer is half-over. Well, boo-hoo. It doesn’t matter because the year-round music and chat continue with a show including songs sung in foreign languages other than French. Otherwise it’s pretty much the same as usual: instrumentals, soul, hip-hop, folk, karaoke, covers, spiders, Coke commercials, answer songs, and more. But not too much of anything in particular, because we don’t want you to change the channel. Stick with us here, on channel…something. Download us and stick with us. We’ve been sticking it out for years now.

(0:00:00) Wolfgang Neuss — Die Moritat von Mackie Messer (Mack the Knife) (from The Threepenny Opera)
(0:03:11) Your DJs Speak
(0:08:41) Floyd Cramer — What’d I Say
(0:11:32) Sharon Jones and The Dapkings — 100 Days, 100 Nights
(0:15:15) The Supremes — Love Child (without lead vocals)
(0:18:22) Candi Staton — In the Ghetto
(0:21:15) Your DJs Speak
(0:24:16) Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick and Tich — All Around the World (Coca-Cola commercial)
(0:26:35) Richard Thompson — Beatnik Walking
(0:30:27) Imani Coppola — Raindrops from the Sun (Hey Hey Hey)
(0:34:26) John Lennon — Oh Yoko!
(0:38:41) Dom — Living in America
(0:41:47) Your DJs Speak
(0:47:42) The Beach Boys — Vegetables (extended stereo mix)
(0:50:42) Smoke Fairies — If I Were a Carpenter
(0:54:33) Death Punchies — Where Everybody Knows Your Name (Theme from Cheers)
(0:55:10) Kate and Anna McGarrigle — Mother Mother
(0:59:29) Zee Avi — Poppy
(1:02:36) Your DJs Speak Again
(1:07:54) The Drifters — She’s Got a Figure Like a Bottle of Coca-Cola (Coca-Cola commercial)
(1:08:54) Bert Kaempfert and His Orchestra — Let’s Go Bowling
(1:10:52) Drake — Started from the Bottom
(1:14:09) Gerard van Maasakkers en de Vaste Mannen — As 't Dalijk Donker Is (Dimming of the Day)
(1:16:51) Animal Collective — Flesh Canoe
(1:20:32) Warren Brown and Adam Goddard — Big Block Singsong: Spider
(1:22:09) Gene Chandler — Duke of Earl
(1:24:49) The Pearlettes — Duchess of Earl
(1:27:04) Your DJs Conclude
(1:34:17) Charles Fox and Arnold Margolin — Theme to Love American Style


Episode #133: You Better Get Straight or You Might Grow Up to Be a Mule

July 25, 2015

This week you’ll hear the oldest recording by Kate and Anna known to man (well, to us, anyway). Plus sitars! Country! Covers! Standards! Pop hits that span the decades! Coke! Music from movies (honest) and music from TV! It’s a wall of sound! Spend 90 minutes with us and you probably won’t want that time back.

(0:00:00) The Mountain City Four (Kate and Anna McGarrigle, Jack Nissenson, Peter Weldon) — Blue Moon of Kentucky
(0:02:11) Your DJs Speak
(0:06:56) The Yardbirds — Heart Full of Soul (alternate version with sitar)
(0:08:49) The Grass Roots — Bella Linda
(0:11:47) The Monkees — Your Auntie Grizelda
(0:14:15) Paul Revere and The Raiders — Kicks
(0:16:41) Your DJs Speak
(0:19:40) George Harrison — Wah-Wah
(0:25:15) Beck — Blue Moon
(0:29:41) Snow Patrol with Martha Wainwright — Set the Fire to the Third Bar
(0:33:03) Jasmine Thompson — Riptide
(0:36:01) Your DJs Speak
(0:41:13) The Brooklyn Bridge — Got to Make a Deadline by Tomorrow Night (Coca-Cola commercial)
(0:42:14) Nancy LaMott — Rhode Island Is Famous for You
(0:45:42) Bing Crosby and The Williams Brothers — Swinging on a Star
(0:48:11) Louis Prima — Sing, Sing, Sing
(0:50:54) Viola Dana — For All My Niggaz and Bitches
(0:54:18) Your DJs Speak
(0:57:42) Patty Loveless — How About You
(1:00:22) Kacey Musgraves — Merry Go ‘Round
(1:04:07) Sam Palladio, Chaley Rose, Jonathan Jackson — I Ain’t Leavin’ Without Your Love (from Nashville)
(1:06:52) Si Cranstoun — Tell Her About It
(1:10:26) Your DJs Speak
(1:13:03) Chicago — Get Yourself Together (Coca-Cola commercial)
(1:14:03) Lord Sitar (Big Jim Sullivan) — Have You Seen Your Mother Baby (Standing in the Shadow)
(1:16:05) Sufjan Stevens — Sleeping Bear, Sault Saint Marie
(1:18:50) Tom Jones — Dimming of the Day
(1:21:49) Ben Lee — What Would Jay-Z Do?
(1:24:43) Your DJs Conclude
(1:31:46) Regina Spektor — You’ve Got Time (Theme to Orange Is the New Black)


Episode #132: Cheer Up, Sleepy Listeners

July 18, 2015

If you’re looking for a little hippie music, a little soul, some instrumentals, a few covers, a bit of hip-hop, and maybe some folk-type music, then your search is over. We have what you’re looking for right here. There’s even more: Hawaiian music, sitars, another answer-song pair, rock, ballads, Coke, TV music, and chatter. We’d tell you more but it’s all there a few lines below this one so there’s no need. All your next 90 minutes are belong to us. Please download and listen.

(0:00:00) Melanie — Ring Around the Moon
(0:00:38) Your DJs Begin
(0:03:21) Melanie — Baby Day
(0:07:02) Liz Phair — Dogs of L. A.
(0:09:24) Mary McCaslin — Blackbird
(0:11:45) Birdy — Fire and Rain
(0:14:51) Your DJs Speak
(0:20:02) Aretha Franklin — I’ve Been Walking Up and Down (Coca-Cola commercial)
(0:21:03) Kirsty MacColl — They Don't Know
(0:24:03) Jessie Ware — Diamonds (originally by Rihanna)
(0:28:00) The T-Bones — No Matter What Shape Your Stomach's In
(0:30:27) A$AP Rocky — Lord Pretty Flacko Joyde 2 (LPFJ2)
(0:32:32) Your DJs Speak
(0:40:01) Danny Stewart — Les femmes d'Amérique
(0:42:33) Mo' Reese Marks — Return of the Mack
(0:46:09) Lord Sitar — Daydream Believer
(0:49:33) Matt and Kim — Can You Blame Me
(0:52:05) Your DJs Speak
(0:55:40) Carla Thomas — You've Got to Say It Louder (Coca-Cola commercial)
(0:56:39) Julie London — Watermelon Man
(0:59:14) Bobby Bland — Ain't No Love in the Heart of the City
(1:03:23) Richard and Linda Thompson — Dimming of the Day (Live)
(1:07:15) Jay-Z — Heart of the City (Ain't No Love)
(1:10:57) Frank Gorshin — The Riddler
(1:13:05) Guided by Voices — I Am a Scientist
(1:15:31) Roger Miller — King of the Road
(1:17:56) Jody Miller — Queen of the House
(1:20:12) Your DJs Conclude
(1:30:32) Earle Hagen — Theme to The Dick Van Dyke Show


Episode #131: Giddy and Gay, All Day We Keep Your Hearts Laughing

July 11, 2015

You get a few extra minutes this week because we lost track of time. We hope you won’t mind because for the same low price you get a little more chatter and a little more music. Hear Etta James, Isaac Hayes, Lotte Lenya, Peter Sellers, Sophia Loren, and other people whose names you know, goodness gracious us. Plus Flanders and Swann, TMBG, MPPA, CP, 5D, NL, RT, DLS. Animal songs, dance songs, cover songs, Coca-Cola, and impossibly old TV music. Just another musical day in our obscure corner of the Internet. Come along, come along.

(0:00:00) Les Surfs — À présent tu peux t’en aller (I Only Want to Be with You)
(0:02:36) Your DJs Speak
(0:11:34) Lotta Lenya — September Song
(0:15:20) Etta James — Trust in Me
(0:18:19) Blood, Sweat and Tears — I Can’t Quit Her
(0:21:56) Isaac Hayes — Feelin’ Alright (Live at the Sahara Tahoe)
(0:27:44) Your DJs Speak
(0:34:28) Flanders and Swann — The Gnu Song
(0:37:20) They Might Be Giants — Nine Bowls of Soup
(0:39:57) Marsha Gee — Peanut Duck
(0:42:44) Chvrches — Cry Me a River (originally by Justine Timberlake)
(0:46:42) Your DJs Speak
(0:52:10) Peter Sellers and Sophia Loren — Goodness Gracious Me
(0:55:09) Matt Pond PA — In the Aeroplane Over the Sea
(0:59:03) Kate and Anna McGarrigle — I’m Losing You
(1:02:49) Cat Power — Dreams (All I Have to Do Is Dream)
(1:05:35) Your DJs Speak
(1:09:15) The 5th Dimension — It’s a Great Golden Day (Coca-Cola commercial)
(1:10:15) Nancy LaMott — Moon River
(1:13:20) Jasmine Thompson — Do You Want to Build a Snowman?
(1:16:35) Richard Thompson with Dolores Keane and Mary Black — Dimming of the Day
(1:20:12) De La Soul — The Magic Number
(1:23:28) Blondie — I’m Gonna Love You Too
(1:25:33) Grateful Dead — Sugar Magnolia
(1:28:50) Your DJs, At Last, Conclude
(1:37:46) Richard Mack — Theme to I Married Joan


Episode #130: When Cats Used to Harmonize

July 4, 2015

For the Fourth we get marchier than usual but you’ll still hear movie music and TV music, old and new music, very new and very old music, kid music and grown-up music, and another answer-song pair. And even more. We don’t care for rings or other expensive things, we just care for you, our listeners. Because you’re listening.

(0:00:00) Berlin Philharmonic conducted by Herbert von Karajan — Radetzky March
(0:02:22) Your DJs Speak
(0:06:02) Vienna Boys’ Choir — Radetzky March
(0:08:29) Nota Bene — Radetsky March
(0:11:00) Arsis Handbell Ensemble — Radetzky March
(0:14:30) Mary Schneider — Radetzky March Yodel
(0:16:47) Your DJs Explain
(0:23:46) The Tornadoes — Telstar
(0:27:03) Matt and Kim — Hey Now
(0:30:02) Ann-Margret — My Last Date (With You)
(0:32:39) Lauryn Hill — Doo Wop (That Thing)
(0:37:59) Your DJs Speak
(0:42:05) Lee Dorsey — 20 Long Miles from Town (Coca-Cola commercial)
(0:43:06) Elizabeth Mitchell — Hey Bo Diddley
(0:46:00) Kings of Leon — California Waiting
(0:49:27) Ed Norton, Natasha Lyonne — My Baby Just Cares for Me (from Everyone Says I Love You (1996))
(0:53:28) Adele — First Love
(0:56:36) Your DJs Speak
(1:04:56) Peter Soave — The Stars and Stripes Forever
(1:08:32) Ray LaMontagne and The Pariah Dogs — For the Summer
(1:12:35) James Last — Mr. Giant Man
(1:16:38) Beastie Boys — Hey Ladies (Paul Nice Mix)
(1:19:57) Ray Charles — Hit the Road Jack
(1:21:54) The Chantels — Well I Told You
(1:24:20) Your DJs Conclude
(1:30:53) Polaris — Hey Sandy (Theme to The Adventures of Pete and Pete)


Episode #129: After Six Hours of School We’ve Had Enough for the Day

June 27, 2015

We hit the radio dial and turn it up all the way. Not really, but volume has never been our thing. We have to crank up our own volume just to be heard. Listen and hear us chat about the songs we play that are drawn from every decade from the 1940s up to the present day. Except for one decade. We won’t tell you what that is. We think it’s an excellent assortment anyway.

(0:00:00) Dolly Parton — Love Is Like a Butterfly
(0:02:19) Your DJs Speak
(0:04:02) The Beach Boys — Dance, Dance, Dance (tracking session)
(0:06:15) Frederick Knight — I Wanna Play with You
(0:09:02) The Hollies — I’m Alive
(0:11:26) Keira Knightley — Tell Me If You Wanna Go Home (from Begin Again (2014))
(0:15:05) Your DJs Speak
(0:20:37) Vanessa Paradis — Joe le taxi (Long version)
(0:25:53) Jasmine Thompson — Thinking Out Loud
(0:29:55) The Velvet Underground — All Tomorrow’s Parties
(0:35:53) Breathe Owl Breathe — Dogwalkers of the New Age
(0:39:39) Your DJs Speak
(0:45:45) Ray Charles — When I Come Home to You in the Evening (Coca-Cola commercial)
(0:47:12) New Riders of the Purple Sage — Glendale Train
(0:50:12) The New Basement Tapes — Spanish Mary
(0:55:41) Loreena McKennitt — The Bonny Swans
(0:59:40) Grizzly Bear — Two Weeks
(1:03:43) Your DJs Speak
(1:06:38) Peggy Lee — Studio Talk and false start on “Mañana”
(1:08:04) Peggy Lee — Mañana
(1:11:01) The New Birth — It’s Impossible
(1:14:31) Herb Alpert and The Tijuana Brass — A Banda
(1:16:40) Kendrick Lamar — King Kunta
(1:20:36) Jimmy Gilmer and The Fireballs — Sugar Shack
(1:22:35) Georgia Lynn — Sugar Shack Queen
(1:24:46) Your DJs Conclude
(1:29:36) The Partridge Family — Come on Get Happy (Theme to The Partridge Family)


Episode #128: Spread Sunshine All Over the Place, Blah, Blah, Blah

June 21, 2015

It’s our Father’s Day episode! But we scarcely mention fathers or daughters at all. No matter. Hear show tunes, movie music, TV music, pop, Snoop, and a genuine Billboard 100 hit. Listen to Hayley Mills, Kate and Anna, and The Beach Boys, oh my goodness! Learn about Coke from a creditable source, hear music in a language that’s neither English nor French, and maybe even hear Tico-Tico again (we’re not done with it yet). Cheap at half the price. We’re sitting here waiting for your download. Please.

(0:00:00) Hayley Mills and Hayley Mills — Let’s Get Together (from The Parent Trap (1961))
(0:01:28) Your DJs Speak
(0:08:18) The Beach Boys — Do It Again
(0:10:36) Cub — Voracious
(0:12:52) The Primitives — Petals
(0:15:23) Jenny Lewis — She’s Not Me
(0:19:31) Your DJs Speak
(0:23:14) The Beach Boys — Cool, Cool Water
(0:28:16) Ed Sheeran — Thinking Out Loud
(0:33:15) Gipsy Kings — You’ve Got a Friend in Me (Spanish version)
(0:35:28) Pink Martini — Mar Desconocido (Uncharted Sea)
(0:38:38) Your DJs Speak
(0:43:07) The Seekers — Things Go Better With Coca-Cola (Coca-Cola commercial)
(0:44:38) Rodolphe Raffalli Quartet — Tico-Tico
(0:48:20) Aaron Neville — Humdinger
(0:50:57) Jim Cummings — The Wonderful Thing about Tiggers
(0:51:31) Freddy Cannon — Action
(0:53:39) Snoop Dogg — Peaches N Cream
(0:59:22) Your DJs Speak
(1:02:53) Kate and Anna McGarrigle — Sugar Baby
(1:07:20) Chris Mann feat. Christina Aguilera — The Blower's Daughter
(1:12:23) Harry Nilsson — Blondie and Dagwood: Shady Lane
(1:15:59) Ella Fitzgerald — I’ve Got Five Dollars
(1:18:39) Ann Miller — Why Can’t You Behave (from the MGM film Kiss Me Kate (1953))
(1:22:40) Dick Van Dyke, Janet Leigh — Put on a Happy Face (from Bye Bye Birdie (1963))
(1:26:15) Your DJs Conclude
(1:32:09) Quincy Jones — Theme to Ironside