Episode #197: Songs, Banter, Fun, and Nonsense

October 16, 2016

Your wait is over. This week you can hear a lovely waltz, some covers, a big hit or two, Christmas music, blissful soul, some giggly French pop, some French-accented American pop, advice from your Momma, an answer-song pair, nursery rhymes, some very old but very good jazz, a visit to the Trophy Train, a game show theme that some of us remember, and maybe a little more, all packaged nicely for download. We’ll take Paul Lynde for the win, Peter.

(0:00:00) Randy Newman (vocal: Jennifer Warnes) — One More Hour (from Ragtime (1981))
(0:02:45) Your DJs Arrive
(0:12:18) Moondog with Julie Andrews and Martyn Green — Songs of Fun and Nonsense
(0:19:08) Curtis Mayfield — The Makings of You
(0:22:51) Plainsong — I Can’t Let Go
(0:25:14) Lucinda Williams — Metal Firecracker
(0:28:43) Your DJs Discuss
(0:39:20) Maurice Chevalier — Hello, Beautiful
(0:41:41) Duke Ellington — I’m So in Love with You (Take 1)
(0:45:40) Ken Nordine — What Time Is It?
(0:49:29) Kendrick Lamar — You Ain’t Gotta Like (Momma Said)
(0:53:32) Your DJs Discuss Some More
(1:03:03) Henry Mancini — Moon River (from Breakfast at Tiffany’s (1961))
(1:05:44) James Vincent McMorrow — Wicked Game (Recorded live at Canice Cathedral, Kilkenny, 2011)
(1:10:15) Bob and Ray — Wally Ballou: Trophy Train Admiration Society #3
(1:11:29) The Muppets — We Need a Little Christmas
(1:12:57) Neil Diamond — Holly Holy
(1:18:06) Bobby Vinton — Roses Are Red (My Love)
(1:20:44) Florraine Darlin — Long as the Rose Is Red
(1:23:21) Brigitte Bardot — Moi je joue
(1:24:59) Guided by Voices — Things I Will Keep
(1:27:26) Your DJs Are Finally Done
(1:35:04) William Loose — Theme to The Hollywood Squares (Bob and Merrill’s Theme)


Episode #196: Still Here. Not Over It.

October 8, 2016

This week you can overdose on recordings from the 1960s and from the 1920s. If you hate that, why are you here? But if you hate that you’ll find outliers from several other decades. Some TV and movie music, some language very unsuitable for children (hide them!), and some music so new that we couldn’t have played it a few months ago. Not that we planned it that way. We write these little descriptions after the episode is done, to remind us what we did, so that we’ll never ever do it again exactly the same way. We’re not sure what would happen if we repeated ourselves but we’re not eager to find out. But our work ethic is your gain. Please download and pass it on.

(0:00:00) Rufus Wainwright and Choir! Choir! Choir! — Hallelujah
(0:04:52) Your DJs Talk About the Song
(0:12:04) Helen Kane — He’s So Unusual
(0:15:06) Bessie Smith — ‘Tain’t Nobody’s Bizness If I Do
(0:18:32) Butterbeans and Susie — Elevator Papa, Switchboard Mama
(0:21:44) Clarence Reid — You Got to Fight
(0:24:34) Your DJs Speak
(0:30:01) Sandie Shaw — Toujours un coin qui me rappelle (There's Always Something There to Remind Me)
(0:32:40) The Main Ingredient — Everybody Plays the Fool
(0:36:15) Paul Revere and The Raiders — Him or Me - What’s It Gonna Be?
(0:39:06) Cilla Black — You’re My World (Il Mio Mondo)
(0:42:04) Petula Clark — Heart
(0:44:38) The Tradewinds — New York Is a Lonely Town
(0:46:50) Your DJs Talk About Songs
(0:53:21) Bob and Ray — Wally Ballou: Trophy Train Mutual Admiration Society #2
(0:56:14) Leon Bridges — Better Man
(0:58:34) Leroy Anderson — Sleigh Ride
(1:01:13) A$AP Rocky feat. Schoolboy Q — Electric Body
(1:05:27) Your DJs Excuse
(1:08:17) Gene Wilder — The Wondrous Boat Ride (from Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory (1971))
(1:11:49) Jeff Buckley — Once I Was (Live)
(1:16:27) The Stone Poneys feat. Linda Ronstadt — Hobo
(1:19:28) Bon Iver — 33 GOD
(1:22:57) Jim Reeves — He’ll Have to Go
(1:25:16) Jeanne Black — He’ll Have to Stay
(1:27:58) Your DJs Finish Up and Leave
(1:33:53) Sonny Curtis — Theme to The Mary Tyler Moore Show (First version)


Episode #195: Your Very Own Guiding Star

October 1, 2016

This week you can hear music in three or more languages, the same song twice, the same singer twice, covers, movie and TV music, jazz of several flavors, and more. You can hear us chat about phones and about TV. She’s his mother, but…she’s a car. We’re here for you. Please download, and tell those other people to download too.

(0:00:00) Mary Schneider — Fiddle Faddle Yodel
(0:02:42) Your DJs Explain
(0:10:30) Astrud Gilberto — The Puppy Song
(0:13:21) Victoria Williams — The Puppy Song
(0:16:43) Sandie Shaw —  Puppet on a String
(0:19:04) Sandie Shaw — Wiedehopf im Mai (Puppet on a String)
(0:21:25) Your DJs Relate
(0:23:37) Connie Britton — Hold on to Me (from Nashville)
(0:27:20) Sufjan Stevens — Romulus
(0:32:13) Allan Sherman — My Fair Lady (Scene V: In the Candy Store/Get Me to the Temple on Time)
(0:34:52) Coconut Records (Jason Schwartzman) — Easy Girl
(0:37:06) Your DJs Describe
(0:41:35) The Grass Roots — Let’s Live for Today
(0:44:23) Small Black — Despicable Dogs
(0:48:15) The Rokes — Piangi Con Me (Let’s Live for Today)
(0:51:23) Straitjacket Fits — Brittle
(0:54:44) Your DJs Speak
(1:01:42) Bob and Ray — Wally Ballou: Trophy Train Mutual Admiration Society #1
(1:05:00) The Beach Boys — All I Wanna Do
(1:07:45) The Searchers — Sweets for My Sweet
(1:10:13) Chance the Rapper feat. Justin Bieber and Towkio — Juke Jam
(1:13:51) Your DJs Talk
(1:15:57) Julie Andrews — Le Jazz Hot (from Victor/Victoria (1982))
(1:20:19) Duke Ellington — Rumpus in Richmond
(1:23:07) Fred Astaire — Puttin’ on the Ritz
(1:25:56) Charlie Hunter and Norah Jones — More Than This
(1:30:05) Your DJs Conclude
(1:35:58) Paul Hampton — Theme to My Mother the Car


Episode #194: Pioneers for Half a Century

September 25, 2016

September is ending and you still don’t know which month will come next. To ease your troubled mind we present a small but eclectic sample of the world’s music and chat, and “eclectic” is always good. (Yes, it is!) There’s a lot of 60s material in there, some hits that you know, but also stuff from the 50s and the 70s and the 10s. It’s not Sirius/XM but it could be, if only they’d give us a slot. For now, we’ll continue to do it this way. Please listen to the nice program, you nice people. All your friends and neighbors are listening.

(0:00:00) Leroy Anderson — Fiddle-Faddle
(0:03:14) Your DJs Are Here
(0:13:34) Cults — Bumper
(0:16:13) Sandie Shaw — (There’s) Always Something There to Remind Me
(0:18:56) Brook Benton and Dinah Washington — Baby (You’ve Got What It Takes)
(0:21:41) Sugar Pie DeSanto and Etta James — In the Basement, Part 1
(0:24:02) Your DJs Discuss
(0:30:23) Hollywood Vampires feat. Bruce Johnson — Whole Lotta Love
(0:34:35) Led Zeppelin — I Can’t Quit You Baby
(0:39:36) Allan Sherman — My Fair Lady (Scene IV): At His Home/I’ve Got the Customers to Face
(0:43:16) Kate Nash — Merry Happy
(0:46:43) Your DJs Explain
(0:52:32) Brian Sewell — I Wanna Be Your Man
(0:55:00) Adele — Make You Feel My Love (Live at WXPN)
(0:59:05) The Velvet Underground and Nico — I’ll Be Your Mirror
(1:01:17) Billy J. Kramer and the Dakotas — Bad to Me
(1:03:35) Your DJs Continue
(1:08:02) Bob and Ray — Wally Ballou: Coney Island Trophy Train
(1:09:55) Bon Iver — 22 (OVER SOON) (Bob Moose Extended Cab Version)
(1:13:35) 2nd South Carolina String Band — Buffalo Gals
(1:17:29) Bonnie Raitt — Thank You
(1:20:17) Elvis Presley — Just Tell Her Jim Said Hello
(1:22:12) Gerri Granger — Just Tell Him Jane Said Hello
(1:24:36) Your DJs Finish
(1:31:32) TV Theme — Lights of Broadway (1950s Sylvania Theme to Beat the Clock)


Episode #193: We’ll Buy You a Chevrolet If You’ll Just Listen

September 17, 2016

Some cry “Earworm!” but others say that’s just our program. Hear catchy pop tunes from several decades, music from that famous band with the funny name, songwriting legends, jazz piano, Dolly playing saxophone, funny people, Christmas bells, an answer-song pair, that soap opera theme we promised you, and more. All for the same low price. We’re practically giving it away. Get in line.

(0:00:00) France Gall — Dady Da Da
(0:02:37) Your DJs Speak
(0:08:47) The Satin Bells — Da-Di-Da-Da
(0:11:12) Katy Perry — Firework
(0:15:00) Carole King — Chains
(0:17:55) Beyoncé — Formation
(0:21:20) Your DJs Speak
(0:31:09) Allan Sherman — My Fair Lady (Scene III): Outside Grossinger’s/On the Streets Where We Live
(0:33:37) Led Zeppelin — Celebration Day
(0:37:22) Dolly Parton — Rocky Top/Yakety Sax (live at Glastonbury)
(0:43:19) The Band Perry — Hip to My Heart
(0:46:18) Your DJs Speak
(0:49:16) Bob and Ray — Wally Ballou: Trophy Train Mike Upcutting
(0:51:04) Cake — Italian Leather Sofa
(0:56:54) The Animals — Hey Gyp
(1:00:39) James Vincent McMorrow — Red Dust
(1:04:39) Your DJs Speak
(1:06:52) Patty Loveless — Carol of the Bells (instrumental)
(1:09:30) Bud Powell — Polka Dots and Moonbeams
(1:13:56) Kate and Anna McGarrigle — Track 14 (“Questa o quella” from Verdi’s Rigoletto) (from Eat This)
(1:18:10) The Shins — Know Your Onion!
(1:20:37) Jorma Kaukonen and Tom Constanten — Embryonic Journey: A MIDI Orchestration
(1:22:54) The O’Jays — Sunshine
(1:26:35) Chris Kenner — I Like It Like That, Part 1
(1:28:28) The Bobbettes — I Don’t Like It Like That
(1:30:19) Your DJs Finish
(1:40:23) Joe Harnell — Opening and Closing Themes to Santa Barbara


Episode #192: Birthday, Schmirthday

September 10, 2016

In another episode that’s just like all the others, we play exactly what you expect us to play, including the hits of today and the hits of yesterday and the hits of they-never-were-hits-at-all. Thrill to show tunes, music by and about zeppelins, covers, country, pop, rock, TV music and movie music, the Trophy Train, an answer pair, and maybe even a little more than that. More soon. Until then, be seeing you.

(0:00:00) Ron Grainer — Opening Theme to The Prisoner
(0:02:17) Your DJs Talk About Birthdays and Stuff
(0:09:41) Clare Bowen — Only Tennessee (from Nashville)
(0:12:55) Led Zeppelin — Down by the Seaside
(0:18:09) The Lovemongers — Battle of Evermore (from Singles (1992))
(0:23:49) Goldfrapp — Utopia
(0:28:02) Your DJs Converse
(0:35:18) Richard Burton — Camelot (from Camelot (1960)) (Original Broadway Cast))
(0:37:47) Pamela Blair — Dance: Ten, Looks: Three (from A Chorus Line (1975)) (Original Broadway Cast)
(0:40:48) Harry Nilsson — Miss Butter’s Lament
(0:43:07) Frank Ocean feat. KOHH — Nikes
(0:49:16) Your DJs Talk
(0:55:18) Bob and Ray — Wally Ballou: Trophy Train Clam Chowder Recipe
(0:57:48) Michal — Broken Boy
(1:01:41) Duane Eddy — The Ballad of Paladin (Theme to Have Gun, Will Travel)
(1:03:35) The Stridells — I Remember Christmas
(1:07:02) Your DJs Speak
(1:11:24) Ruth Etting — Goodnight, Sweetheart
(1:14:24) Tom Waits — Yesterday Is Here
(1:17:07) The Honeys — Tonight You Belong to Me
(1:19:11) Elvis Presley — Come What May
(1:21:11) Hank Locklin — Please Help Me, I’m Falling
(1:23:33) Skeeter Davis — (I Can’t Help You) I’m Falling Too
(1:26:17) Your DJs Wrap Up
(1:33:04) Ron Grainer — Episode Opening/End Title Theme (from The Prisoner)


Episode #191: Hay for the Crew to Sleep On

September 3, 2016

September. Finally. Some of us have birthdays. But enough about us. You get presents. Motown, Zep, lox, hay, novelties, Christmas music, an answer song pair, chuckles, that Bruce buy, that Chris guy, at least four bananas, whistling, and even more. It’s always holiday time here. We court your attention with our content and chat. Our contented chat. It’s so listenable!

(0:00:00) Whistling Jack Smith — I Was Kaiser Bill’s Batman
(0:02:18) Your DJs Say Hello
(0:05:28) The Mamas and The Papas — You Baby
(0:07:47) The Marvelettes — Don’t Mess with Bill
(0:10:36) The Pipkins — Gimme Dat Ding
(0:12:48) Smokey Robinson and The Miracles — Jingle Bells
(0:15:32) Your DJs Speak
(0:20:10) Allan Sherman — My Fair Lady (Scene II): At the C and L Delicatessen, 76th St. and Broadway/With a Little Bit of Lox
(0:24:09) Led Zeppelin — Trampled Under Foot
(0:30:06) The Rutles — I Must Be in Love
(0:32:11) Sharon Jones and The Dap-Kings — Let Them Knock
(0:36:36) Your DJs Talk
(0:40:00) Leroy Van Dyke — Walk on By
(0:42:20) Margie Singleton — I’ll Just Walk on By
(0:44:41) Bobby Bare — The Winner
(0:50:02) Harry Nilsson — Oblio’s Return (Narration)/Down to the Valley/Moonbeam (Demo) (from The Point! (1971))
(0:57:30) Your DJs Discuss
(1:01:52) Bob and Ray — Wally Ballou: From the Trophy Train: Enroute to Bridgeport (#10)
(1:03:21) Frank Ocean — Sweet Life
(1:07:51) Larkin Poe and Thom Hell — Missing Home
(1:10:48) Bruce Springsteen — My Love Will Not Let You Down
(1:15:11) Chris Isaak — Heart Full of Soul
(1:18:30) Billy Bragg and Wilco — Feed of Man
(1:22:36) Your DJs Finish
(1:29:11) Ritchie Adams, Mark Barkan — The Tra La La Song (Theme to The Banana Splits)


Episode #190: Our Most Loverly Program Ever

August 27, 2016

This week we play a lot of show tunes and a lot of one tune in particular. You’ll hear a little operetta, a cover or two, TV music, plus songs about marriage and about getting pinned, and you’ll visit the Trophy Train again. Plus more. Lots of chocolate for you to eat. Start eating.

(0:00:00) Eric Idle — A Little List (from The Mikado)
(0:02:48) Your DJs Are Here
(0:08:49) Marni Nixon — Wouldn’t It Be Loverly (from My Fair Lady (1964))
(0:13:08) Audrey Hepburn — Wouldn’t It Be Loverly (from My Fair Lady (1964))
(0:17:31) Jack Jones — Wouldn’t It Be Loverly
(0:19:41) Allan Sherman — My Fair Lady: Outside the National Theater, 2nd Ave., New York (Scene I)/Wouldn’t It Be Lovely
(0:24:31) Your DJs Back-Announce
(0:27:03) Trini Lopez — America
(0:31:05) The Teenagers from Bye Bye Birdie — The Telephone Hour (from Bye Bye Birdie (Original Broadway Cast) (1960))
(0:34:30) Blossom Dearie — Guys and Dolls
(0:37:18) Ella Fitzgerald — Anything Goes
(0:40:39) Your DJs Speak
(0:48:42) Bob and Ray — Wally Ballou: From the Trophy Train: Enroute to Bridgeport (#10)
(0:54:28) Bob B. Soxx and The Blue Jeans — Not Too Young to Get Married
(0:56:57) The Hollies — Too Young to Be Married
(1:00:54) The Marmalade — Butterfly
(1:04:40) Your DJs Talk
(1:09:04) Harry Nilsson — The Clearing in the Woods (Narration)/Are You Sleeping? (from The Point! (1971))
(1:13:16) Chance the Rapper — Summer Friends
(1:18:28) Tiny Tim — Zoot Zoot Zoot Here Comes Santa in His New Space Suit
(1:21:38) OK Go and Bonerama — Oh Lately It’s So Quiet
(1:24:56) Parkay Quarts — These Boots Are Made for Walkin’
(1:28:27) Your DJs Go Away
(1:34:39) Fiona Apple — Container (Theme to The Affair)


Episode #189: We’re Sorry for the Delay, Is Everybody Ready?

August 20, 2016

If all our programs are special, does that mean none of them are? We don’t know. But on this week’s special episode you’ll hear movie music, TV music, cartoon music, the best Stones cover you’ve ever heard, country and folk, synthesizers, the always-reliable De La Soul, Mike Oldfield (twice), big hits, big stars, little stars, Baby Björk, another report from the Trophy Train, and even more. There is no secret message hidden in this paragraph. We swear. Please download and continue to enable our little hobby. Something to leave our legatees, if any.

(0:00:00) Mike Oldfield with Maggie Reilly — Moonlight Shadow (Extended Version)
(0:05:14) Your DJs Are Here
(0:09:10) Mike Oldfield with Maggie Reilly — Moonlight Shadow (Unplugged Mix)
(0:12:43) Tangerine Dream — The Big Sleep in Search of Hades
(0:17:09) Henry Mancini — Theme for Three (from Wait Until Dark (1967))
(0:19:54) Mike Reno and Ann Wilson — Almost Paradise (from Footloose (1984))
(0:23:42) Your DJs Chat
(0:27:05) Iris DeMent — Our Town
(0:32:03) Johnny Cash — Five Feet High and Rising
(0:34:11) David Greenberger — Everything Spoken Between Songs in the Order That They Appear on All the Widely Released Official Live Albums by The Rolling Stones
(0:38:32) De La Soul — Potholes in My Lawn
(0:42:21) Your DJs Speak
(0:46:44) Harry Nilsson — The Birds (Narration)/P. O. V. Waltz (from The Point! (1971))
(0:50:55) Clem Snide — The Junky Jews
(0:55:14) Fountains of Wayne — Stacy’s Mom
(0:58:31) Shout Out Louds — Fall Hard
(1:02:41) Your DJs Talk
(1:04:41) Bob and Ray — Wally Ballou: From the Trophy Train #8: The Market Is Saturated
(1:05:58) Andrew Bird — Think About Your Troubles
(1:09:40) Björk — Bænin (Christopher Robin)
(1:11:53) Boy — Waitress
(1:15:05) Your DJs Discuss
(1:18:42) Kate and Anna McGarrigle — DJ Serenade
(1:22:53) The Books feat. José Gonzalez — Cello Song
(1:26:44) The Beach Boys — I Can Hear Music
(1:29:19) Agesandages — We Need a Little Christmas
(1:32:31) Your DJs Conclude
(1:37:13) Alexander Faris — Opening and Closing Themes to Upstairs, Downstairs


Episode #188: Pick Up Your Big Black Shoe and Put It on the Accelerator

August 13, 2016

This week you’ll hear music old and new played for people old and new plus even a little music played by and for cats both cool and departed. You’ll hear duets, covers, instrumentals, more rapping about blessings (how lucky we are), and more from the Trophy Train. Thrill to jazz and pop and rock and soul and even accordion music. It’s hard to go wrong here. What more do you need? Be reasonable and download this and listen to it. Please.

(0:00:00) John Williams with The Boston Pops Orchestra — Bugler’s Dream/Olympic Fanfare and Theme
(0:04:26) Your DJs Speak
(0:12:17) Flaco Jiménez with Stephen Stills — Change Partners
(0:16:00) Blood, Sweat and Tears — Go Down Gamblin’
(0:20:15) The Stone Poneys feat. Linda Ronstadt — New Hard Times
(0:23:18) Rotary Connection feat. Minnie Riperton — A-Muse
(0:27:18) Your DJs Speak
(0:31:28) Hank Azaria and Liev Schreiber — “People Underestimate Canadian Rock and Roll” (from Ray Donovan)
(0:32:38) The Guess Who — Laughing
(0:35:18) Squeeze — Cool for Cats
(0:39:13) Marni Nixon with Lincoln Mayorga — Someone to Watch Over Me
(0:42:59) Duke Ellington — Come Sunday (1945 version)
(0:47:28) Your DJs Speak
(0:52:03) Bob and Ray — Wally Ballou: A Hot Day on the Trophy Train #7
(0:53:28) The Replacements — Sixteen Blue
(0:57:52) Chris Isaak — Wicked Game (instrumental)
(1:02:39) Maria McKee — I Can’t Make It Alone
(1:06:16) Your DJs Speak
(1:09:59) Harry Nilsson — The Pointed Man (Narration)/Life Line (from The Point! (1971))
(1:15:02) Ben Kweller feat. Albert Hammond Jr. — Wait
(1:17:47) Herb Alpert and The Tijuana Brass — Up Cherry Street
(1:20:06) Chance the Rapper — Blessings (first version)
(1:23:46) The GTOs — I’m in Love with the Ooo-Ooo Man
(1:27:11) The Buckinghams — It’s a Beautiful Day (For Lovin’)
(1:30:05) Your DJs Finish
(1:38:44) William Hanna and Joseph Barbera — Main Title Theme to Yogi Bear